August 31, 2006

Random thoughts

Posted in Random, writing at 21:24 0 by gillsmoke

Slayer, ooooh, aaaah, my soul drinks it in; laps it up like a thirsty dog. Smells like sweat and excitement. Let me climb that wall of noise to extasy.

Random thoughts are all I have left. (i lost) The ability to form long coherant thoughts to transmit has long since been extinct. Writing a novel will be hard with that handicap. Paranthetical thoughts are all I can see. minutia

Me Me ‘s no memes, see I first encountered it in a book about thinking Odd to see it taking a new form. the internet makes all information faster. I think it is a good thing to see it mutated into a blogable item.

What should genre my novel be?
Sci Fi
Social Drama
Super Heroic

Anbody got an Idea how to make a poll here?



  1. crse said,

    Why dont you BELIEVE me about the MeMes?

  2. Gill Smoke said,

    I Believe you and furthermore I believe that you believe you.

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