September 2, 2006

About me

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My wife who is also my blogging advisor said that these things are supposed to be personal. “No one wants to read your blog because you have a bunch of random crap up there that makes no sense. Where are you in all of it? How can anbody get to know you?” That is a good point. I wanted to write in order to write. I did not care if anybody read it I just wanted to write. I’ll tell you why. As a young adult I ended up in an college English class with my mother, who has been in and out of psych wards for a while now, but that’s another story. Anyway she was always hogging the computer for her papers, then when I saw what she was writing I was mortified. She was writing something like:
I like the sea. The ocean reminds me of home. It is blue like the sky. I live in a desert. there is no ocean here.
My son likes the night. I worry about him. he is funny. He is 19 years old

I think above example is actually better writing than she produced. I don’t want that to happen to me. I can think and if I can think then I can write. Now getting long thoughts together to tell a story, that’s something I need to work on.

Hey blogland, Which is better a long rambly post or lots of little posts? I ask because I still haven’t written much about me.

I am the spouse of CRSE, her name should always be spelled with all capitals by the way, we were married for a long time berfore we had children. I have exposure to lots of “out there” material. Books no one heard of, movies no one has watched, oddities of all sorts. I think a good way to describe it is I’m that guy who will watch the documentry about salt, the funny thing is if you were with me you would think it was interesting too.
CRSE calls him Norm because she thinks he is going to turn out like Norman Bates, I think he is more well adjusted than that. He is a hoot. There isn’t a day that goes by where doesn’t say something funny. Last night he wanted to watch all of the Ask A Ninja videos. We did, then he wanted to watch them all again. “Buddy, we have already watched them all,” I tried to explain. “Yeah I know, it’s ok, just do it. OK.” Now it may not seem funny to you, but the intensity of him trying to memorize the lines as they are being said anazing. He thought I was just interupting his practice for no reason. Another amusing part was later as I gave him a popcicle he said “thank you, and um daddy, I look forward to killing you soon”
CRSE calls him the Turnip, because of his supposed “tuber like” body shape. I don’t think he is that extreme, I remember his cousins being bigger, much bigger. He is a mellow but very intense child. He is working on walking and talking.
Me, I got to go get flour and sugar. I’m like a 70’s housewife, working, cooking, cleaning. Keeping 3 spider monkeys is no small feat. No matter what the appeal you should not get an exotic pet, and if you get one? Never ever breed it. your problems multiply instead of add.



  1. crse said,

    Personally, I prefer long rambly posts, but Im not sure if thats general consensus. You just post your little heart out baby. Why is my name supposed to be capitalized? (i did not know this!)

  2. Gill Smoke said,

    Like anchient Hebrew Caps only no vowels.

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