September 2, 2006

Toasted cheese Writing prompt 01-09-06

Posted in writing prompts at 07:23 0 by gillsmoke

Snow fell in small, harsh flakes.
Inside the tent the conversation was also turning harsh,”So why did ja bring me?”
“You know why”
“So I can cook and clean like at home?” She was getting pissed, “You know I ain’t built like that!”
“No, you know why.”
“So you can have your whore in the woods? Com’on now, Why?”
“It was all a mistake.” He wanted to run out of the tent and shoot that damn Elk. There was no escaping this talk, nor was there any smoothing it out.
“No, I want to know, Why.” She knew it was about the sex as much as she knew she was miserable, “Say it!”
He was staring at the side of the tent avoiding eye contact. The wind was blowing slightly and the cold air was warmer than the mood inside the tent. “We have to go and she is not going to budge,” he thought, avoiding the subject even with himself. “You know why.” he said with clenched teeth still staring at the tent.
His reasoning was pretty sound, “What do you do up there in the woods anyway, Mountain Man?” She asked after every hunting trip. “Well I never do this.” he thought aloud. She wanted to leave almost as soon as they got there.



  1. crse said,

    Baby you are too much of a feminist and educated man to write mountain man thoughts. It cracks me up that the mountain guy is thinking the word budge. Otherwise I really like this one. It has that hot married too long sexual tension fight. I really want to bite you right now….

  2. Gill Smoke said,

    It was term of endearment like calling Mr. Fabu “mountain Man”.–>

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