September 12, 2006

Back at it.

Posted in NaNoWriMo, writing at 21:15 0 by gillsmoke

Go see CRSE’s posts if you want to know happened to me. Time allowing I have started working on details for my book. I have decided on a spacefaring tale. I’m thinking something in the Traveller vein. So I have been taking notes, writing tidbits, daydreaming, writing character contact records (like I could call them up or send them an email). I think I have kind of decided on a format also, longish short stories where the constants are survival and the unique ship. I was thinking that a couple of the stories could involve some of the same characters.

One of things I always enjoyed about Robert Hienlien’s stories was the bits of flavor text. (yes, yes, I know. They are sexist and not that great, and usually missing any real Science. but my goodness how I love to read them) Comercials, or news reports, snippets of text, audio, or video that gave a bit of vermissitude to the story. One of my favs was an ad for a Jane. It was a disposable paper funnel to help women stand and pee. I want that kind of completeness in my book too. IIRC, Cyteen by C.J. Cherryh had those bits to introduce every new section.

I think I’m gonna go borrow “No Plot No Problem” from our local library tomorrow and give it a once over before the NaNoWriMo events begin.


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  1. crse said,

    I remember these gimmicks! I think they make it all more interesting. And yes baby YOU ARE GOING TO WRITE A NOVEL!!!

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