September 16, 2006

5ives For Now

Posted in life, meme at 00:18 0 by gillsmoke

I think I am doing this right: from an original Merlin Mann meme

  1. I have decided to blog about writing instead of putting the writing here. for now.
  2. Although I am as clever as my wife I can not be as funny, this is a “serious” blog. for now.
  3. Our house is a mess and I don’t care. for now.
  4. Our children are generally well behaved. for now.
  5. Television is the enemy. for now.


  1. crse said,

    i think you are totally as funny as your wife. The house isnt THAT bad and if it feels right then it is right when it comes to you and memes, baby. This one is perfect.

  2. Jesse said,

    I detect general success… for now.

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