September 20, 2006

Bits and notes

Posted in life, Random at 21:36 0 by gillsmoke

  • You know what is so hard about thinking for a living? putty mind in the evening.
  • When one spend 3 hours folding clothes and there are still more in the dryer. That person needs to find something else to do.
  • I am sleeping Restlessly and I don’t mind at all.
  • I work with some very distinctive people, but I’m the “wierdo”
  • I quit smokeing more than a year ago and the smell of people smoking is still very alluring to me.
  • MeMes are ok but I can’t keep up. Thursday Thirteen is definatly not something I can do
  • I think more than I write.
  • Hey Luckybuzz, These are RBoC.
  • Gospel Bob I am never going to play Ranger, sorry
  • CRSE Thy will be done, again.
  • Right now I hate Flylady, because my house is a mess.
  • I am glad I picked up “No Plot No Problem” it is a good book.
  • I’ve been reading “Getting Things Done” as well, not sure if it is helping but I try.


  1. Jesse said,

    If I wrote everything I thought, everyone would hate the poo out of me.

  2. luckybuzz said,

    Hi, RBOC! 🙂

    I know what you mean about smoking still smelling good. It’s been over a year and a half for me, and I still take a deep breath when someone lights up next to me.

  3. crse said,

    Im still proud of you. And if you got through the personal hell of last year (two small children, sickly wife etc) without smoking, its all gravy now baby.

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