October 28, 2006

The Snowflake trail

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So How is that novel coming along? Not as far as I need. I think I should have completed step 7 of “The Snowflake Method” (insert dramatic riff here) by now. Now I could complain about the support I have been given to be creative , but CRSE’s and the kids have been great. Or I can mention that I am the principle worker bee (not having ADD and all) at our house, but I have not done anything, in fact the entropy is begining to overwhelm me. So what is it, where have I been? I have been nonproductively cruising the NaNo boards. I leave the ocasional comment on the @$% Malkavian Mind game thread. Read and reread the Novel dares and the SciFi dares again and again. I am looking for something and like I panicked on OCT second, there is no way for me to read it all. Must stop reading, must do “The Snowflake Method” (insert dramatic riff here) now.


October 27, 2006

A Televisionary Oracle meme

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from Chapter 21 of The Televisionary Oracle
1. What did you dream last night? I woke up while trying to sell a stuffed shirt a line of illusionary credit, I was about to close the sale when my alarm went off, I hot snooze with the Idea of watching me finish speading such a fine tale of BS
2. What image or symbol represents the absolute of your desires? I wish to be the Cornucopia, overwhelming abundance, whoever comes shall not go away hungry.
3. In what ways has your fate been affected by invisible forces you don’t understand or are barely aware of? Lately it hasn’t but I think that is because I have been on Ego overdrive, the last thing I remember that seemed totally Fate driven was finding my current job. It is: Project driven, every project being different. No overbearing supervision, Friendly coworkers, Small growing company. It really is my dream job.
4. Tell a good lie. I have “outed” someone at work
5. What were the circumstances in which you were most dangerously alive? The time shortly before I met my wife. I was sure the world was coming unravelled and that I had an important job as a witness to something IMPORTANT.
6. Are you a good listener? If so, describe how you listen. If not, explain why not. I don’t think I am. I have noticed lately that I have been somewhat overbearing in conversation. I think the root cause these days is that I don’t “feel” heard.
7. Compose an exciting prayer in which you ask for something you’re not supposed to. Brother Jesus and the angel Daniel listen here while I explain why you should bow to my wishes. I have been given seven keys but only one ring. I have 3 loves in my one family. I have 4 wishes but only one command. Give me this day my rightous belief and the power that goes with it. I have given you praise now give me my due. I demand that miricle that is overdue.
8. What’s the difference between right and wrong? opinion. I have always been a ethical relitivist
9. Name something you’ve done to undo, subvert, or neutralize the Battle of the Sexes. My wife and I have non standard gender roles.
10. Have you ever witnessed a child being born? If so, describe how it changed you. I saw both of my children be born. I always remember how fragile they were as I watch them grow. I felt humbled then, something so much larger than me.
11. Compose a beautiful blasphemy that makes you feel like crying. The first story in the bible, God lies and the Devil tells the truth. “Eat of this fruit and you will surely die” “you won’t die, you will be like God and know the difference between right and wrong.” If that isn’t Blasphemy I don’t know what is.
12. What do you do to make people like you? I’m helpful, I had to ask my wife for help there.
13. If you’re not familiar with the Jungian concept of the “shadow,” find out about it. If you are, good. In either case, give a description of the nature of your personal shadow.
14. Talk about three of your most interesting personalities. Give each one a name and a power animal. The Confused Mystic, Pidgeon, looking for gods in all the wrong places, being a guru to those less informed. Most days I hate him, he can be so very rude. Intellectual warrior, Dingo, knows he is smarter than most but can’t solve any of his own problems; he will fearlessly face any intellectual problem you pose even if not up to the task. Naggy Bitch, shrew, a cockcolding ballbuster that never lets anyone have any fun. Why is she intresting? I don’t know but she shows up most often.
15. Make up a dream in which you lose control and thereby attract a crowd of worshipers. I dream that I freak out and become a Hare Krisna but instead they all follow me back to Zion
16. Name your greatest unnecessary taboo and how you would violate it if it didn’t hurt anyone. I think it would be a touch more honesty, playing nice seems really important but I would rather speak my mind. I’m sure CRSE would say I speak my mind just fine.
17. Give an example of how smart you are in the way you love. I can only point to my family
18. What ignorance do you deserve to be forgiven for? Ignoring the suffering of the people around me
19. What was the pain that healed you the most? The pain of single lonliness, it sharpened my wits and opened my heart
20. Make a prediction about yourself. I predict that I will complete NaNoWriMo

In the ancient Greek epic, Odysseus and his men become stranded on an island belonging to the sorceress Circe. In a famous scene, Circe uses magic to turn the men into pigs. Later, though, in an episode that’s often underemphasized by casual readers, she changes them back into men–only they’re stronger, braver, and more beautiful than before they were pigs. Tell an analogous story from your own life.

Once upon a time I was fearful of everything, especially of success. I was horibly frustrated by things I saw others do. They all seemed so confident and assured of success, while I had to toil nightly for any self worth. I worked at an awful job that was for everbody else was demoralizing. As time went on I encouraged others to loose the loadstones they were using to hold themselves back and I learned to do the same. I still wear two symbols from that time, a key and a ring. The ring is a solitary ring from a puzzle ring I found, my piece of the puzzle. The key was given to me by a friend saying goodbye, it is the key to the shackles of fear that I put on myself, my key to freedom.


Discuss and act out the following:

To survive war, you must become war.

To survive love, you must become love.
–The Televisionary Oracle

I think I practice this at home.

October 25, 2006

I just don’t do Beta

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I’ve been on a blogging strike (not really), why? Because Luckybuzz and now CRSE have made the switch to Blogger BETA. er, um Hello, BETA as I have mentioned to others in private. It is called BETA for a reason. There are some things wrong with how it operates otherwise it would not be called BETA, it would be the NEW BLOGGER. Until they make it offical I am not going to and you can’t peer pressure me into doing it. BETA, BETA, BETA, when will you people learn. Beta is OK for fish, not OK for “trusted” computer programs. It’s like Trusting Microsoft’s Windows Vista to be bug free. Initial releases are always experimental.

Somebody’s blogging buddy,

October 11, 2006

step by step

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Not having any writing to do and being obsessed about NaNoWriMo I have started down the snowflake trail. So far so good, after a solid day there is about 3000 words and 4 steps completed. The next step has been started already but is only been worked on for the the crew of my merchant spaceship. So far we have a sentence description, a paragraph description, character blurbs, a paragraph for each sentence in my paragraph description, now full and half page writeups for every character.

October 10, 2006


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So there is this system for creative writing called the Snowflake method, ever heard of it? Well it is hot stuff at the NaNoWriMo boards. Now the guiding principle is that of a fractal endlesly zooming in. write a sentence, turn it into a paragraph, turn each of those sentences into paragraphs. and so on until you get a book. It is a little more complicated than that but that is the gist of the prep work. Ready to get started? Go!

P.S. It is supposed to snow on Fri.

October 5, 2006

Sign Up

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So NaNoWriMo signups have started. I signed up on the second and the forums were already moving fast. I was up late last couple nights panicing about how much I don’t know. I posted for a mentor in a newbie thread. WOW is all I have to say. A post on the site somewhere sez “It’s never too early to procrastinate on your novel.”

Icon coming soon.