October 25, 2006

I just don’t do Beta

Posted in blogging at 07:02 0 by gillsmoke

I’ve been on a blogging strike (not really), why? Because Luckybuzz and now CRSE have made the switch to Blogger BETA. er, um Hello, BETA as I have mentioned to others in private. It is called BETA for a reason. There are some things wrong with how it operates otherwise it would not be called BETA, it would be the NEW BLOGGER. Until they make it offical I am not going to and you can’t peer pressure me into doing it. BETA, BETA, BETA, when will you people learn. Beta is OK for fish, not OK for “trusted” computer programs. It’s like Trusting Microsoft’s Windows Vista to be bug free. Initial releases are always experimental.

Somebody’s blogging buddy,



  1. Jesse said,

    Gmail is still beta.

    And I am all for Beta Carotene. I don’t know when Carotene is going to hit v1.0, but the beta is working good for now.

  2. Canada said,

    Damn right!!!! I know they’re all pretty much extinct now, but which lasted – VHS or Beta? Hmmmm. . . I think we all know the answer to that.

  3. Lucien Laisure said,

    Beta carotene is great since you cant overdose on it. the only side effect you can get from taking too much carotene is an orange skin. ”

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