November 1, 2006

Day one

Posted in family, NaNoWriMo, writing at 18:26 0 by gillsmoke

reason for posting at this moment: “He would go to sleep if you’d stop making cleaning noises he can hear”, Yes the late afternoon nap for the Turnip, before we Fell Back it happened at 5pm, now 6pm. it is a little distressing. I can hear my readers now “Hey, don’t you have a novel to write?” yes dear readers I do. I just wanted to share this.
So I woke up today and went to to see the starting flag anouncements and there’s this daily Q&A that hasn’t changed since the begining of Oct. Oh look, someone in Austrailia is going to try to do it in 2 days. Let’s check his profile, (/snark) Oh great, he is already done. (/snark) I just woke up, haven’t started yet and he’s already done. Thanks for the esteem boost. The bitter resentment and triple x rated cussing going on inside me since this morning are a natural occurance for novelists I guess. Look at Hemingway or Tony Snow.

I can garantee dear readers I will not be done tomorrow.



  1. crse said,

    You know when we were at swim class, Norm mentioned out of the blue that its day one of nanowrimo today. We are here for you baby!

  2. luckybuzz said,

    Well, anyone can write a bunch of *crap* in 2 days, right? You’re aiming for something better than that. 2 days. Humph.


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