November 21, 2006

Not so good

Posted in NaNoWriMo, writing at 20:28 0 by gillsmoke

So on top of a root cannal last week, I got a weird all over body rash this weekend.
My company is doing something different and we are working the Friday after Thanksgiving. Most of my coworkers are taking the day off, but guess what, I’m going in on Saturday too. Catching up on my NaNo, no the project I got assigned a couple of weeks ago is going to be powered up on Friday and that will put it at a week past delivery. OK.
Well my NaNo is turning out to be a wash this year, but I am committed to finishing it. Maybe.
I am also looking forward to atempting next year.

Must write. must write more.



  1. crse said,

    I hate your company. I hate that you were miserable with a rash. I hate Saturday. But the rash was an interesting conversation starter, dont you think? You will finish it baby. I think once you let the pressure go it will be much easier. (and Im STILL ready to read it)

  2. luckybuzz said,

    Sorry to hear about the rash. And the working. Both sound crappy.

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