December 1, 2006

Toasted Cheese Writing Prompt 01122006

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Her note was clear, consice, and final. ‘There is nothing left between us. I’m leaving’.
Thinking aloud, “Oh well, there’s more than one flower under the sun.” then he walked away from his computer to get dressed for work.

You know those silly either or questionaires? Coffe or Tea, White or Wheat. He was always the Dumpee never Dumper and he actually perfered it like that. When a relationship was heading for trouble he headed back into work, sooner or later the other person (there had been a couple of feme guys) would feel abandoned and would either find another person to console them or leave outright. Notes or Fights, either way they always left him not the other way around.

He thought Nicole had another week or two before she gave up. She must of found someone else. He never minded when they found someone else, in fact it made things intresting right before they ended.

It’s when they ask what he does that signals the begining of the end. “Paperwork mostly.” Is the reply that seems to squelch the inquires the most, but the seed has been planted. Cover stories only go so far, and when do you get to put them away? While dating he was always himself. After they ask he finishes or starts his big projects and mostly the paperwork. Po then waits for them to start calling.
Once he told the truth, it was long ago, and like his instructors had warned him the relationship took on meaning and the work suffered and then the relationship became the job and when the detachment came to the relationship it struck a blow to the soul that never grew back. All students try it at one point and all students are shaken. The training is deep and broad, when complete, inescapable. “Doc, it was like I was a robot. I felt nothing for days. I had to get away, come back here to figure it out, What’s happening to me Doc.” “Your training,” was the reply. Hypnotapes, biologic and cybernetic inplants. Trigger them and they take over. Which is why he was a security expert.

Some things to note:
I have not let go of my NaNo Po, aka “Sector 7” was a character I spent a lot of time thinking  about but never got to that part of my novel. Things are still brewing up there expect to see bits fall out.
I had no response to the prompt. I added to it before and after back and forth until I got going. I am not pleased with what came out, but tell me what you think.
I am going to post responses to writing prompts and exercises if you don’t like it tell me what bothers you so.
I might open another blog for life/work comments, for now expect to see sensless crap, and random life comments.


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