December 3, 2006

RE: Writing

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This should be another writing prompt post. However, when I sat down late last night to “Little tears of hot wax dripped from the tilted candelabra” all I got out of were notes. Not even a complete paragraph of notes. I stared off into space and did not get inspired. Absoultly no scene presented itself to me.

I’ve been thinking about my writing in a deteched way. Technically weak, with run ons and fragments lots of fragments; Creatively mild, with no meat in the discriptions, and poorly executed action. “Whatever, lots of room for improvement.” Take that, you internal editor you. All of the writing articles I have read recently have said, just keep writing. So I will.

I looked into a couple of writing contests. They all scare me right now because, I don’t know what to write about “that”, my writing sucks, and the deadline is next week. It’s OK that they scare me because they have all been Horror contests. I have also looked into an internet critique circle, that looks like way more comitment than I can handle. Basically, critique other peoples stories until you get enough credit to submit your own, but you have to keep critiquing or your story doesn’t bubble up to the top. I’ll pass on that 12 week project for now.

I started rereading “Getting Things Done”, I did not finish the book the last 2 times I started it. Doesn’t really matter. A student practices, so does a master. I never gave up on “MY” orginization. I have been using my Hipster since I put it together. Its usefullness could be debated, but I never gave up on using it. I frequently get mocked for it. I use it for minor notes at work (a number denoting the job I’m working on down the left side, what needs done  after that. Basiclly a running Next Actions list divorced from projects). Practice, practice practice, it’ll come.


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