March 30, 2007

What have you got?

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So I am sending this from Fn St. Mary’s because stolen internet is still internet. I’m also taking the time to tell CRSE that I’m heading home. This week has been a nightmare. I want it to be done. Soon I will be home. Soon I will have new BS to deal with, and this nightmare will fade into a memory.

What have you got?
You got it bad? Let me know.
You got it good? Start your own blog, but let me know.

One last thought I have is I need to start looking how you folks get here. CRSE sez I’m slipping on the dork scale because of my lack of follow through in this area. So to my readership: What do you want? I need to get back into creative writing by any means necessary, are you intrested? My wife does her TT and quizzes, do you care where I score? CRSE has tagged me for a meme, do you want more of those? comments welcomed.


March 28, 2007

Quiting Time

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I cut out early today, only thirteen and a half hours worked.

I left because I feel sort of drugged. Turkey sandwich dinner with a Benedryl chaser or Hypnoticia’s Sphinx of the Imagination.

I feel down, I got the shaft at the plant. I will not be leaving tomorrow, because I will  be here handling things which nobody really cares about. Oh by the way, you don’t have enough data for me to overanalyze, could you make more?

March 21, 2007

Toasted Cheese

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The spring Three Cheers and a Tiger contest is this weekend. Since the theme is mystery I’ll let my dear readers figure the rest of it out.

I will be attempting to do it. I don’t have any stress today so I will attempt to artifically impose an irrational deadline to freak my dear wife CRSE out. Hell, I might only talk to her if she shows me a story she’s written, or helps me with mine.

March 19, 2007

NI DAQ error

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Hey, even if you are a geek you probablly don’t have a clue what LTaskHandle = -89130 means. That’s ok niether do I. The difference is I get paid to know stuff like that.

Remember, worse means you aren’t where you were, or better yet my motto is “Desperation, Inspiration. Success.” One of my drunk boss’ told me so, I believe them.

What it really means is, “Like duh, your Device is absent Or unavailable. Everybody knows that one, except dumbasses like you.” -Nick Burns your computer guy


So, it has taken me 8 work hours to realize I’ve been robbed. The error happens when you try to access an absent card. (Like duh, the error code tells you that.) I have trained to assume all errors are mine before blaming hardware, hence 4 hours of prompting and a lot of “How did I screw this up?”). What happened is the Stole from Gill to pay a Customer, I paid that favor forward. Now I have a new card and the errors went away like magic. What was I doing now?

March 14, 2007

More random thoughts from the Plant in the plant

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  • So I walked into the bathroom and a tubby guy looks up from washing his hands and looks rather guilty. Then the odor, his shit smelled like pumpkin. Hmm, how do you do that? Hot stinky pumpkin.
  • While I wait to get that point in the process I need to examine I might as well read something, I know a paper about a book which is the commentary of another author’s life long work. Well, I have left the real world and entered the realm of academia. I remember that crap. I have awful, painful memories trying to turn a paragraph into an essay. I sort of miss it. Sometimes I think I should have done English or World Lit or Philosophy for a degree. I could of recorded my thoughts and transcribe (and then edit) them into brilliant papers. Except as readers here can tell, I hate language rules.
  • The rain seems drearier here. I don’t know why.
  • Snow Fog suck
  • No, she doesn’t have a cool accent. She has a slight speech impediment, and now she is self conscious about it, good job.
  • I know too many details about too many people here. For instance:
    • There’s the shaky guy, who had 2 different spinal injuries.
    • There’s the lady who is totally over her husband for still being into group stuff (you know what stuff)
    • there’s the other one who is going to change her life thanks to Oprah telling her “the secret” I’ll save you the bother Believe, Achieve, Receive. There are you happy now.
    • I know more about a man called “Bullfrog” that I never met, than I do my father’s friends who I have. “So I sez to ‘im Bullfrog I’ll pay yur taxez if’n you pick this 2 acres of corn, woulda takan ’bout 2 dayz of work. ,And HE won’ do it. ,See now the same thing if’n I sez to ‘im fill that there wheelbarrow with corn to the top an’ I’ll give ya a beer. That there barrow will be fill in no time.”
    • Carol, just does not like me. Something about my blatant disregard for safety rules. O.K.
    • Speech impediment woman, is divorced with 2 kids spread far apart and has been seeing someone serious for about a year. Her youngest just had a dead tooth extracted.
    • Someone on the game commission runs down kids on 4 wheelers for sport.
    • D.A. I know more details about RVing and the way he travels than anybody other than his wife should know. He is also project interference, and a sexist pig to boot.
    • Bear, ran away from the rat race in Pittsburgh when he left High school. He just recently started working.
    • Jay is just a prick
    • There are multiple families with multiple generations working here.
    • Some of the family trees are wreaths. Move! Young ones move far and fast, otherwise baaad things are going to start happening soon.
    • I just have to look at that guy with his permanent hearing aide sticking out of his head to know I don’t want to know. I don’t even want to say hi.
    • The janitor guy is ‘special’, but ifn he had brown hair rather than a rusty color, he could be me. I shudder to think.
  • It will all be over soon.
  • Dichotomy.

Thoughts on working in a factory

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I think I might be pretentious. I find myself using college level vocabulary on High school level people. For example, I’m pretty sure that unless you’ve had advanced level philosophy or German classes or preternatural (see) obsession with Herman Heese (who reads that? pretentious people that’s who); you are not going to understand me when I say “Sitz en liben” (which means station in life, Thanks CRSE). Please save me from my dorkiness.

I shouldn’t be talking as much as I am, nor should I be writing this much.

What’s the politest way to say, “Shut the fuck up!” ?
[what’s the best way to punctuate that sentence? Revise it to make it clearer, of course. The hell I will.]

Why is it when management is anywhere near the machine; there is a problem?

Why is it when you get a large enough group, things turn into a soap opera? Petty bullshit is everywhere.

Why is it that the closer I get to finishing, the longer everything takes?

March 12, 2007

Gendered difference

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So a couple of children’s songs are in my head

“Make new friends
but keep the ooold
One is silver
and the other gold.”

“The more we come together together together.
The more we come together, the happier we’ll be.
Cause your friends are my friends,
and my friends are your friends.
The more we come together, the happier we’ll be.”

Now I have to tell you, “Those are some great songs.”
but I didn’t learn them in school, I learned them from my sister who was a girl scout. No singing like that in my boy scout experience. It was singular completion of tasks. Demostrated, now you do it.

So why are men encouraged to be singular doers and women encouraged to be group particpants? Doesn’t a well rounded person need both?

I love those songs and whistle them all the time.

My brain at 2am Monday

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 As seen at CRSE’s, I saw this and I had to know.

Your Brain is Yellow
Of all the brain types, yours is the most intellectual.
You crave mental stimulation, and your thoughts tend to very complex.
Your thoughts tend to be innovative and cutting edge, though many people don’t understand them.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about science, architecture, and communication.

What Color Is Your Brain?

March 9, 2007

Triumphant Return

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I might be over Blogger trying to out me and be ready to rejion the blogging world.  Why? because my mom died. We went to Arizona for the funeral and the trip went rather well. My mom was CRAZY, like instutional style crazy. Like in and out of mental hospitals for the last decade crazy. Like the dog was an informant for the FBI crazy. She was ‘IN LOVE’ with me, which gave me the willies and made me break ties with my family altogether. I had almost vanished out of thier life when CRSE appeared in mine and said, “We need to go see your parents for the holidays.” No no no, I really think this is a bad Idea. You don’t know what you are asking for. I think we should just not tell them anything. In fact if we move and don’t leave a forwarding address we might even get out from under a bill or two, OK? Ask CRSE about how that went. Near the end of this trip CRSE said, “These are the in-laws I wanted all along. I am mad at your mom because she robbed me of this.”
My dad put up with alot this last decade or so. She had psycotic breaks on occasion while we were growing up. After my sister and I left (about the time CRSE and I got married) she had a break which she never really recovered. She was broken and never came together right after that. Her episodes started coming closer and closer until the last year or two she was in the wards more than she was out. My dad is relivied and guilty for feeling so. The service was short and sweet, the pastor shared about his daughter dying at age 35. I thought that wasn’t the most appropriate thing to share during the service for a mad woman. Then again who’s to say. My dad got choked up and I held him. Mom. Well here’s something, if you want to know where people stand with God ask them about thier mothers. It’s true, ask about thier fathers if the answer seems kind of away from the ‘truth’. It’s a good way to read people.
It was good to see my sis with her kids, it was kind of like looking in a mirror. She just might be more evil than I. I kept saying to CRSE, “See! It’s not just me.” My sister myself and three of the kids went to Carl’s Jr. for a bit of nostalgia for me. I think the other patrons thought we were married. That was kind of wierd, got a free zuccini out of though.