March 9, 2007

Triumphant Return

Posted in family at 03:53 0 by gillsmoke

I might be over Blogger trying to out me and be ready to rejion the blogging world.  Why? because my mom died. We went to Arizona for the funeral and the trip went rather well. My mom was CRAZY, like instutional style crazy. Like in and out of mental hospitals for the last decade crazy. Like the dog was an informant for the FBI crazy. She was ‘IN LOVE’ with me, which gave me the willies and made me break ties with my family altogether. I had almost vanished out of thier life when CRSE appeared in mine and said, “We need to go see your parents for the holidays.” No no no, I really think this is a bad Idea. You don’t know what you are asking for. I think we should just not tell them anything. In fact if we move and don’t leave a forwarding address we might even get out from under a bill or two, OK? Ask CRSE about how that went. Near the end of this trip CRSE said, “These are the in-laws I wanted all along. I am mad at your mom because she robbed me of this.”
My dad put up with alot this last decade or so. She had psycotic breaks on occasion while we were growing up. After my sister and I left (about the time CRSE and I got married) she had a break which she never really recovered. She was broken and never came together right after that. Her episodes started coming closer and closer until the last year or two she was in the wards more than she was out. My dad is relivied and guilty for feeling so. The service was short and sweet, the pastor shared about his daughter dying at age 35. I thought that wasn’t the most appropriate thing to share during the service for a mad woman. Then again who’s to say. My dad got choked up and I held him. Mom. Well here’s something, if you want to know where people stand with God ask them about thier mothers. It’s true, ask about thier fathers if the answer seems kind of away from the ‘truth’. It’s a good way to read people.
It was good to see my sis with her kids, it was kind of like looking in a mirror. She just might be more evil than I. I kept saying to CRSE, “See! It’s not just me.” My sister myself and three of the kids went to Carl’s Jr. for a bit of nostalgia for me. I think the other patrons thought we were married. That was kind of wierd, got a free zuccini out of though.



  1. crse said,

    I said I was mad at her? God that was insensitive! Im sorry.

  2. gillsmoke said,

    Like I’ve been saying for a while, “It’s ok we weren’t close.”

    I love you baby

  3. luckybuzz said,

    I’m a little concerned about how the zucchini works into this post, but I’m glad to see you at WordPress, and I just want to reiterate that I think you rock.

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