March 14, 2007

More random thoughts from the Plant in the plant

Posted in Random, work at 22:30 0 by gillsmoke

  • So I walked into the bathroom and a tubby guy looks up from washing his hands and looks rather guilty. Then the odor, his shit smelled like pumpkin. Hmm, how do you do that? Hot stinky pumpkin.
  • While I wait to get that point in the process I need to examine I might as well read something, I know a paper about a book which is the commentary of another author’s life long work. Well, I have left the real world and entered the realm of academia. I remember that crap. I have awful, painful memories trying to turn a paragraph into an essay. I sort of miss it. Sometimes I think I should have done English or World Lit or Philosophy for a degree. I could of recorded my thoughts and transcribe (and then edit) them into brilliant papers. Except as readers here can tell, I hate language rules.
  • The rain seems drearier here. I don’t know why.
  • Snow Fog suck
  • No, she doesn’t have a cool accent. She has a slight speech impediment, and now she is self conscious about it, good job.
  • I know too many details about too many people here. For instance:
    • There’s the shaky guy, who had 2 different spinal injuries.
    • There’s the lady who is totally over her husband for still being into group stuff (you know what stuff)
    • there’s the other one who is going to change her life thanks to Oprah telling her “the secret” I’ll save you the bother Believe, Achieve, Receive. There are you happy now.
    • I know more about a man called “Bullfrog” that I never met, than I do my father’s friends who I have. “So I sez to ‘im Bullfrog I’ll pay yur taxez if’n you pick this 2 acres of corn, woulda takan ’bout 2 dayz of work. ,And HE won’ do it. ,See now the same thing if’n I sez to ‘im fill that there wheelbarrow with corn to the top an’ I’ll give ya a beer. That there barrow will be fill in no time.”
    • Carol, just does not like me. Something about my blatant disregard for safety rules. O.K.
    • Speech impediment woman, is divorced with 2 kids spread far apart and has been seeing someone serious for about a year. Her youngest just had a dead tooth extracted.
    • Someone on the game commission runs down kids on 4 wheelers for sport.
    • D.A. I know more details about RVing and the way he travels than anybody other than his wife should know. He is also project interference, and a sexist pig to boot.
    • Bear, ran away from the rat race in Pittsburgh when he left High school. He just recently started working.
    • Jay is just a prick
    • There are multiple families with multiple generations working here.
    • Some of the family trees are wreaths. Move! Young ones move far and fast, otherwise baaad things are going to start happening soon.
    • I just have to look at that guy with his permanent hearing aide sticking out of his head to know I don’t want to know. I don’t even want to say hi.
    • The janitor guy is ‘special’, but ifn he had brown hair rather than a rusty color, he could be me. I shudder to think.
  • It will all be over soon.
  • Dichotomy.


  1. Jennfactor said,

    “Some of the family trees are wreaths…”
    Beautiful. My dad and I have a love of obnoxious words (although generally in English). For forever we thought that consanguinous really translated as the product of heavy in-breeding, as opposed to just related. We still like our definition better.

  2. crse said,

    Oh man. This was beautiful stuff. I think you are probably not judging the guy on game commission who runs down kids on four wheelers for sport. I think you might secretly be pleased with this idea. COME HOME BABY!!!

  3. Andrea said,

    Crse told me to stop by and say hi….so that’s what I’m doing

  4. gretty said,

    You are BACK baby! yeah!

  5. gillsmoke said,

    Jen: consanguinous will always ce used by me in that way

    CRSE: Evey summer Project ATV they all go motor sport hunting. Y? It is just thier consanguinous ways.

    gretty and Andrea: maybe some fiction soon.

  6. Mary (Mert) said,

    The whole wreath thing has me bewildered. I don’t want to know what is swimming in their gene pool. 😉

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