March 19, 2007

NI DAQ error

Posted in Random, work at 19:41 0 by gillsmoke

Hey, even if you are a geek you probablly don’t have a clue what LTaskHandle = -89130 means. That’s ok niether do I. The difference is I get paid to know stuff like that.

Remember, worse means you aren’t where you were, or better yet my motto is “Desperation, Inspiration. Success.” One of my drunk boss’ told me so, I believe them.

What it really means is, “Like duh, your Device is absent Or unavailable. Everybody knows that one, except dumbasses like you.” -Nick Burns your computer guy


So, it has taken me 8 work hours to realize I’ve been robbed. The error happens when you try to access an absent card. (Like duh, the error code tells you that.) I have trained to assume all errors are mine before blaming hardware, hence 4 hours of prompting and a lot of “How did I screw this up?”). What happened is the Stole from Gill to pay a Customer, I paid that favor forward. Now I have a new card and the errors went away like magic. What was I doing now?


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  1. crse said,

    Isnt that part of THE SECRET?

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