March 30, 2007

What have you got?

Posted in blogging, work, writing at 21:16 0 by gillsmoke

So I am sending this from Fn St. Mary’s because stolen internet is still internet. I’m also taking the time to tell CRSE that I’m heading home. This week has been a nightmare. I want it to be done. Soon I will be home. Soon I will have new BS to deal with, and this nightmare will fade into a memory.

What have you got?
You got it bad? Let me know.
You got it good? Start your own blog, but let me know.

One last thought I have is I need to start looking how you folks get here. CRSE sez I’m slipping on the dork scale because of my lack of follow through in this area. So to my readership: What do you want? I need to get back into creative writing by any means necessary, are you intrested? My wife does her TT and quizzes, do you care where I score? CRSE has tagged me for a meme, do you want more of those? comments welcomed.



  1. crse said,

    uh…i think the readers want to read how incredibly fabulous sexy and amazing your wife is. Seriously. I tagged you. People are waiting.

  2. Canada said,

    p.s. I’ll tell you what I want if I get added to your blogroll.

  3. Canada said,

    So yeah, I think everyone really does want to read about how incredibly fabulous, sexy, and amazing your wife is:) And all about the sex in the garage – kidding! And anything else you might want to tell us. Bitch and Moan Monday all about f’n St Mary’s is fine, too.

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