April 5, 2007

A Dream

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So I had an intresting dream last night.
CRSE, myself, Luckybuzz, Gospel Bob and another couple robbed a bank in AZ I think. Luckybuzz was carrying the cash for some reason. WE were trying to rent a car to get out of town. Of course, CRSE and I don’t have a credit card so we couldn’t get a car LB and GB were ditching the get away car and the dye pack too. When LB and GB returned from the coverup errends. LB pulled out a wad of cash from her pants and dropped it on the table, very cool like. Like she had done it a million times already. The wad was wrapped in rubber bands by the denomonations and not the bank paper wrapper thing. The wad was to pay for the rental by the way. The rest of the take was in a couple of suitcases (not seen but known).  I was cooking and serving shots at that point anyway. LB n I were smoking cigarettes at one worry point (we both have been quit for a long time). All very casually our other couple had picked up the car. They were vauge and indistinct, no clear image of faces or even a size comparisoon, a couple that was a part of the dynamic but clearly so. I wanted to look but could not see. We all then got into the convertable and drove off into the sunset. So we went to Cali.

At one point while walking in the sunshine, all of the partners were discussing disguises and making fun of my moustache, like how LB should be wearing it no GB should. Whatever was going to happen I had to shave it.

Not sure what it all means, CRSE your interpretation will be welcomed an encouraged.
Soo if you didn’t know CRSE is also a dream interpreter. An amazing skill to be sure.


I’m Home I swear

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I might have left the impression that I am still stuck in Fn St Mary’s. I’m not My post about blogging from St. Mary’s was as I was leaving town.

CRSE was wonderful about taking care of EVERYTHING while I was gone (Gretty gets a mention here too). She Fed, Clothed, Cleaned, Nurtured and was basically was a single parent for about 6 weeks (You sure? I thought it was more than that). WOW! she was amazing.

Yes, There was an incident in the garage, more than that is TMI.

CRSE, she is a queen. Her messiness is only exceeded by her regalness. She knows how to affirm. She’s a Scatologist, while I find it endearing I also want no part of it. Her generosity knows no bounds, she makes offers to help and support people which I sometimes have to follow up on. She makes an excelent social secretary. All I have to do is show up and smile and people love me, it’s because of all of her hard work that this remains to be true. She is georgous and there is no mistaking her for someone else. She makes me feel good just being arond her.

April 3, 2007

5 new things

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Tagged from CRSE. Five things you’ve never revealed on your blog, and then tag five people!

Five things Ive never revealed on my blog:
1. I’m left handed

2. I wear glasses

3. I have a ridiculous moustache.


4. My favorite color is purple

5. The title of my blog comes from the fact that my initials are DT and everybody knows that the DTs are also known as the shakes (Delirium Tremens, not De Tox).

Now for my first tags:


gospel bob



and because I made her start a blog so I could tag her grety