May 18, 2007

Grettty’s pressure

Posted in Uncategorized at 06:27 0 by gillsmoke

So I have been loafing. I have not kept my end of the bargin up. I didn’t keep my blog up I didn’t keep /pestering/ in contact with people. My conserns havedwindled down to Pokemon Diamond I am but a shell.

I have not given up entirely on writing. I have a book I keep scribbling in. I lurk a lot when I should be working. I, I, I’m a slackass.

So I resolve to return to regular updates, single lines count (even if my posts turn into Crawlspace’s headings). I resolve to return emails and phone calls in a more timely fashon. I resolve to work on my planner presents every week.

Now where’s the remote I need to turn off the TV.



  1. gretty said,

    That wasn’t so hard, was it?

  2. Gill Smoke said,

    That’s what you think.

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