May 25, 2007

05-22-07 Toasted Cheese Writing Prompt

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05-22-07 Toasted Cheese WP: I was unprepared for his embrace.

I was unprepared for his embrace.
“Thank You so much for all of your help.” His enthusuim didn’t cover the slight stink of his armpits.
“No really it’s ok.” I tried to peel myself from his sticky body.
“You know man I love you.”
“Yeah, me too.” I needed to escape this goon before he tried to kiss me.

I had taken his wallet and returned it minus some cash. He thought I was such a great guy for returning the wallet that he was about to drop into his beer cup.

// somehow he exits here

Keggers were such an easy place to get cash and such a hard way to make it. The pathetic gushing of jocks right before they turned violent, the judgmental replay of last week’s slutinesss before the bitch queens did it again, but never with me. Banggers were always carrying weapons and the hillbillies were always racists pricks. House parties were calmer affairs but had a higher risk of getting caught taking shit, or being asked to leave.

Being young and homeless wasn’t easy. Showers was the hardest thing to come by, washing up by gas station hand soap never quite got you all clean. After showers was the food, resturant seconds was a smelly disgusting job but kept the belly full. If you didn’t like it go hungry for a few days; you’ll be back. Watching the normals going about thier privlidged lives was almost too much to bear sometimes. But at least they wasted enough that people like me could get by. Shoes and clothes could be stolen from second hand stores. Smokes could be bummed. Liquor flowed on the weekends and during the week you had to hide during school hours. None of it, too too bad, but all of it terrible. I remember my first week, being terified about everything. Now it was a routine.

The skid row bums didn’t like young ones around, that was mostly fear. The charities wanted to ask too many questions and get chidren’s services involved. I was 17 and could take care of myself, hell I laready had for over a year and had only 9 more months before I could escape this Neverland nightmare. I was going to get my GED and then I could get back in to school on student loans, before I became a skid row bum myself.


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