May 31, 2007


Posted in life at 14:11 0 by gillsmoke

I have been having violent, disturbing dreams.The kind where I’m getting killed or committing crimes. I have generally thought that “The Goverment” was little better than “The Rebels”, that Karmicly speaking, crimes don’t need punishment. My discussions at work have had dark nihlistic themes too. Now they are bleeding into my dreaming which is coming closer to my conscience. I’d like to go back to living like a vampire, the sunlight is too much for me. I need the sameness of perpetual gloom. Then I can go back to ignoring the state of the world quite nicely. Where my thoughts are mine. I don’t have to share and I rest easy knowing what I know and I am not responsible for everybody else’s education.

Can we go back there? please?



  1. Mary said,

    I’m sorry to hear about your dreams, that stinks. I have had dreams where I have been killed, not fun. I dreamed that some one shot be in the back of the head. When I woke up and startled myself awake, I found that my cat was standing with his hind claws firmly attached to my skull, his front feet on my shoulders/upper back. Scared the key-rap out of me.

    I know what you mean about preferring night… I’ve always been a night person, even when i was a baby. i wanted to sleep all day and stay up at night.

  2. gretty said,

    Don’t think of it as being “responsible for everybody else’s education”.
    Think of it more as a mind control game! Give in to your darker self.

  3. gillsmoke said,

    The dreams have temporally abated. I think my psyche is reving up, I expect more.

    Darker self? How could I not give into madness?

  4. crse said,

    good for you for blogging again. You already have given into madness. I thought….you…knew …that

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