June 19, 2007

Long overdue review

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WOW, I woke up today with the movie on my mind. I will not spoil any details. I will give nothing away. I last watched over a month ago, and it is still with me. If that isn’t a good reason to get your mitts on a movie, what is? I’ll tell you what you won’t get. You won’t get a romantic comedy, but there are a couple of funny spots. You won’t get a horror flick, but there is something disturbing going on. You definitely won’t get and effects laden SciFi movie, but it has a mind numbing contraption as it’s core prop. CRSE was kind enough to get it for me for Valentine’s Day and the gift keeps giving. Seriously go see it. Then when you are looking for answers later, remember that I told you, yes you are right, that sequence of events is most definitely wrong.


On a related theme, I used to have deja vu on a regular basis. It got so common for a time I played mystic. I ride the sensation of knowing that this had happened just like this for days, I started taking notes and making mental predictions. It was always spoiled by trying to get others on board, as soon as I tried to get others to see the wave of synchronisity the wave would collapse.
I remember hearing the Police song and went, “It’s just like that, but completely different.” I remember reading about Jung’s experiences of profound Synchronisity and thinking, “Wow, I wish I could have seen that. I wonder how he got there?” I used to have a strong sense that I was supposed to witness something profound. I’m glad that’s gone. I have given up most of my mystic thinking for matters more mundane. With the distance of years I have to ask was I crazy? Did I need “Professional Help”?  I don’t think so.

Tonight  a triple post to get that blogging monkey off my back



  1. crse said,

    You wonder why I wont watch primer? For god sakes man! Look at your own review! I dont think you needed professional help. I do think this post is a good sign that you should let me subscribe you to that magazine.

  2. gill_smoke said,

    What magizine???

  3. crse said,

    The magazine i wanted to get you when you made that commie pinko treehugger comment…

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