June 27, 2007


Posted in Random, Reference at 19:16 0 by gillsmoke

So Slayer is today’s featured article on Wikipedia.

Yes that Slayer. The one you don’t let your kids listen to. I love them and now legions of new people people might start listening.

Many of my coworkers doubt the veracity, or quality of information. Their fears are founded on the mistaken belief that if everyone can make changes then quality of the data must be flawed. I try to point out the peer review aspect of medical literature and that most encyclopedias are formed in a similar manner. Submit, edit, review, publish, just now you can control over your article. It’s magic. It’s humanity at it’s best. Don’t believe me look up Christ, or Star Trek, or Microsoft. Then try it in a regular encyclopedia. Wikipedia wins.



  1. Jesse said,

    Dave Lombardo also drums for Fantomas, which is an amazing band. Lomardo is a kick-tuckas drummer

  2. gillsmoke said,

    I haven’t heard of that band but I will check them out.

  3. crse said,

    Miss Chuh…visss….

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