July 10, 2007

So you want to be an author…

Posted in writing at 08:00 0 by gillsmoke

… then you better write.
The problem is I don’t know what to write about. I definitely could use some parameters. I remember English 101, your assignment is that, it is due on this day. It must be at least so many words not to exceed that many words. Take the rest of the class to brainstorm and hand your topic before you leave. I hated those assignments and always looked for the most off the wall way to complete the assignment. For instance describe a room, I did it chronologically as a Psych ward patient awoke in restraints, coming to in waves. My backup plan was an orator practicing his speech. walking around a large foyer.
I have argued sarcastically against the separation of church and state, we had just read the famous Jonathan Swift article about eating babies as a way through the Potato Famine, and needed to write an argumentative article. I said Satanism should be the state religion, and we should feed the Christians to the lions like the Romans did.

So audience give the parameters. What should I write? Tell me and I’ll give it. I’m thinking about 500 to 1000 words. I’m thinking English 101, creative nonfiction. Give me a topic and a style. “Describe a room” counts as both. Crawlspace and CRSE, I’m looking at you. I’ll give it a week for topics. I’ll have a finished piece the following week.



  1. gretty said,

    Give a physical description of a time you were most afraid with out saying what you were afraid of.

  2. gretty said,

    You know there is a blogothon coming up? Its the day of turnip’s birthday party. Honey you come up with the most amazing topics. I think you could write about anything. My friend from snarkypants threatened to write a post in support of george bush. You could do that. It would be hilarious. Or what about the work dynamic? And I like gretty’s idea a lot.

  3. gillsmoke said,

    Umm, I think that the second comment is from CRSE, Gretty is at our house and uses our computers a lot so I think it’s their identities crossing like streams.

  4. Mary said,

    First off, love the blog design!

    Hmm. I have the same problem. I WANT to write, but I always end up pitching what I wrote in a silly moment of insecurity.

    I like Gretty’s idea too.

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