July 17, 2007

Writing assignment

Posted in writing, writing prompts at 14:53 0 by gillsmoke

A Physical description of fear without reveling what is feared, Personal.

The 3 remaining readers have spoken. 500 to 1000 words regarding fear. I’m sorry teacher but I’m going to need an extension. by next Monday agreed?

Fellow remedial students CRSE Gretty and Mert, will you rise to the proposed challenge. If you don’t feel comfortable posting on your own site you can leave a comment here.



  1. crse said,

    Yes. Yes i will.

  2. gretty said,

    Okay buddy, here’s my entry. Its only 300 words, so I did fall short of the word count.


    I walk away from the door, smiling and relaxed. My breathing is even. My hands don’t shake. I take out a cigarette and pretend to look through my purse for a lighter. I don’t want to meet anyone’s eyes because I’m starting to get tunnel vision and afraid I‘ll be given away when they see my pupils dilating. I’m hearing echoes now and I have to strain to understand when they talk at me. I ask if I can have a beer from the cooler and laugh easily at their awkward and violent jokes. Maybe they’re calming down, but I don’t trust myself to know. I force down the panic and let the instinct take over again.
    Someone different is looking out of my eyes, speaking through my lips, moving my body. Someone I have to trust to see me through – to get me out undamaged. She seems to be in control of the situation, of herself, of me. I want to go away, maybe sleep, until this is over.
    I drink too much beer. Though it calms me, I have to use the bathroom. I’ve been putting it off. I don’t want to leave them alone and I know there’s no exit in back. I walk into the bathroom avoiding the mirror over the sink but there’s one on the back of the door and I accidentally see myself. I look into my own eyes. All the color leaves my face and I feel like I’m choking. My fingertips start to tingle and I’m losing feeling. I’m fighting against vertigo and it’s been too long, and I have to get back before they come to get me, and I have to do it without screaming or running for the door that I can now see has been locked.

  3. gill_smoke said,

    I don’t think I want to know what happened here. Knowing you IRL I’m glad to see you made through ok.

    Like your grade for me, I have to give you a B for failing to make the word minimum. Lets se what CRSE comes up with.

    What are going to write on now?

  4. gretty said,

    The next topic should be yours.

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