August 15, 2007

New Assignment

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So gentle readers, I have been a slack again. I’d like to claim Real life, but as Gretty and CRSE can atest there are things there that require my attention too.
Our new assignmet is another 500 to 1000 words with the theme of injecting magic in the ordinary.

I have 2 secret assignments that can’t be posted. Details to follow.



  1. crse said,

    yes, i can vouch for the fact that real life hasnt actually been holding you back from blogging. Obsessively watching the science channel to the point of neglecting your children perhaps but not real life per se. Although I do have one fine shiny house thanks to your hard work!

  2. gretty said,

    Oooooh! New Assignment!

  3. crse said,

    “You remind me so much of my best friend” He said as I dealt the cards out on his kitchen floor. Norm was a quiet kind of guy. I didn’t exactly feel sorry for him since he was sleeping with many of my friends, but to hitch-hike across country with a german Shepard in tow so you can bail out your girlfriend who is pregnant with another man’s kid is an admirable, if slightly foolish feat. Especially when one takes into account that he did so in the middle of winter, leaving balmy Tucson for the dark soul shattering chill of an Ohio February. I really felt a bond with Norm. Yes he was sleeping with my friends, but he actually talked to me, which apparently for Norm was more of a rarity than engaging in free form love fests.
    I grinned at his comment. “You always say that, and then you go into the fact that he was institutionalized for three months. It makes me wonder what exactly it is that you find similar.” Norm just shot me one of his teasing looks and did not answer. I think it amused him to let me identify myself as mentally unbalanced. This exchange occurred frequently as winter gradually turned into spring and we continued to drink wine and play cards and talk to each other about everything and nothing in particular as friends often do.
    For the rest of my life, I will never forget that morning. I was once again on his kitchen floor, this time drinking coffee and sharing pleasantries with Norm, his pregnant girlfriend, and one of our other best friends. “Oh, I almost forgot.” He said, pulling a folded up wad of notebook paper from an envelope. “This came from my best friend who you remind me of.” He handed me the letter and I opened it expecting to find some sort of mad rant. To this day, I cannot even remember what the letter actually said. I just know that every single word he wrote transfixed me. He spoke to my soul in a way that both scared the hell out of me and made me believe in all the power in the universe at once. I sat down and started crying while I continued to read. Norm laughed. “I didn’t think it was such a sad letter,” he said. How could I begin to explain what was happening inside? How do you explain it when someone you’ve never met reaches inside of you and plants himself inside of your very being? You just keep crying. And in the midst of the surreal waves of emotion and realization, a quiet calm voice in your heart says “I remember you now.” There are no words to explain the experience of two lost soul mates finding each other after a life-time of separation. It did not matter that he lived 2,000 miles away. It did not matter that there was virtually no hope of me ever meeting this man. It did not matter that I was in the process of destroying another one of my relationships because I could not manage intimacy. It did not even matter that this man had no idea I even existed. I just knew. I knew I loved this man and now that I would be with him for the rest of time. That afternoon happened over fourteen years ago. We’ve been married now for close to thirteen years. And that is why I believe in magic and always always will.

  4. gretty said,

    beautiful crse!

  5. gillsmoke said,

    I suck. I promise to come back.

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