November 3, 2007

It’s early and I’m behind by more than 2K

Posted in NaNoWriMo at 05:21 0 by gillsmoke

Dear muse,

I appreciate the early morning wake up call. Don’t stop regardless what I say. I need more words and the miraculous ability to touch type now.



  1. gretty said,

    I’m grateful for any post!

  2. jennfactor said,

    You can do it! If I could reschedule NaNoWriMo for, say, March, or May, even, I would so be in the thick of it with you guys. Novemebr is just chock full of nonsensical crap for me (Oh, and Thanksgiving, family blah blah blah). yep. I am secretly very jealous that you chase the writing bug. Okay, not so secretly.

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