December 22, 2007

New Project

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I have a Hipster PDA I have it right here in my front pocket, complete with pen. Ubiquitous capture tool, yep. How’s it working out? not so much. I mean I use it, just not every day. When I do use it it is often for other people to jot something down or the bank checks I have sequestered there. So I haz an Idea. If’n I keep it in my pocket it will never get used I need it out and doodled upon, Doodled? ART! Why yes it’s genius. Monday Blog posts with last weeks art card. I like it, it fulfils many of my personal goals at once. I have had this Idea for a while. I’ve been waiting for the end of the year to spring it. I might have to challenge Grety or Crawlspace to try it too. Hell I challenge all 4 of my readers to do it.The Rules:
For the 52 weeks of 2008 I intend to make a single piece of art on a 3X5 index card. No cards can be so similar as to be considered the same (flip books and color / tonal studies are out). The card is the item. One can create a photo and print it to a 3X5 or a digital image.
I also intend that these should be shared with the world so the must be shown on this blog in a timely manner. Jan 1 is a Tuesday so last weeks card must be shown between the following Monday and Wednesday.

My art is graded thusly:
5 points for posted on time, one point deducted for every day late (min 1 point)
up to 3 points for difficulty attempted
1 point for relevance
1 point for color/tone use

1 bonus point for each found (not generated) collage item (max 3)
1 bonus point for production in public (work does not count as public)
1 bonus point for usefulness (for example used in a discussion, or a map)

10 points possible
5 bonus points possible

520 points for the year with 260 bonus points. My goal for this year is to do better than half total and half bonus for a goal of 364 (15/2 = 7 average points * 52 weeks).



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What if I told you all of your dreams would come true? What if I told you everything everybody believes is right, including the seemingly contradictory ones. Well they are. It is why I feel concerned about the far right and the far left, They are soo far apart that in some ways they are the same. I am left leaning but fear some of the implications of being a Democrat, I’d like to be a Republican (Smaller government, Fiscal responsibility) but with the religious Right in their corner and all the dirty tricks they pull to get elected, umm no thanks. I’d really like to see a candidate that hasĀ  my interests at heart. The way things are rigged, no way. One always end up being beholden to someone else.

People think the current state of affairs are somewhat new. They are not. the industrial giants weren’t called robber barons for nothing. Since permanent taxation things have been sliding downhill.

Even before that the Colonial powers were trying get all they could from the colonies. It’s tragic, but it always becomes about who gets the money. Right now it is a global game of give me the money I’m going to use to implement the oppression I have planned for you. It’s always “all about the money”. This I believe with all my heart. Therefore it is as real as can be. I say to my sons on a regular basis, “Once the police get involved it’s too late. You had better stop whatever you were doing.” That too is true as can be.


I found out this summer that the hills in hillbilly is in my backyard. I wonder how much of my experience is colored by my father’s family perspective. My mother’s side carries crazy. I know just exactly how much of my experience that covers. My dreams for myself are tortured. My dreams for humanity are lofty. My experience shows that anything can happen. My hands still hold promise of something great. My children, seem ready to go further than their parents. Where am I going with all this? I don’t know, maybe I’m just looking for Crawlspace’s ridicule or maybe CRSE’s acceptance. I must write. I don’t even care if it doesn’t make sense. It’ll all become clear later I’m sure.

December 7, 2007

Gitmo Detainee rights

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Open Comment to the Supreme Court.

although unlikely that “the High Court” would stoop to reading blogs let alone one that hasn’t been updated in a month, I feel compelled to address this to you. The constitution should guide all activities Americans pursue in the name of our country. If we are holding someone anywhere in the world Habeas Corpus should apply. I’ll ignore the shadowy area of guests of the US in another countries jail. Yes it is a tough burden on intelligence gathering. However it puts the US on a higher moral authority. Consider the opposite direction. What if China or Russia rounded up independent CIA contractors around the world and just held them out of the light of day, and branded them “Espionage Agents working against the state”. We would work night and day to fight for their release. Right now my government is doing things we only think of happening “over there” in dictatorships and. This is one of those cases. The US follows it’s own laws. Unless of course you happen to be suspected of being a terrorist, then anything goes.
I beg of you to do the right thing. Habeas Corpus applies for the US authorities in all cases, evenly applied. If they have been arrested for being a terrorist try them as such. If they have been arrested as a material witness let them go.
This president has done more to reduce the moral standing and decay personal freedoms than any before. Our preemptive strike has weakened our position around the world. You can start the pendulum moving in the other direction.