December 7, 2007

Gitmo Detainee rights

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Open Comment to the Supreme Court.

although unlikely that “the High Court” would stoop to reading blogs let alone one that hasn’t been updated in a month, I feel compelled to address this to you. The constitution should guide all activities Americans pursue in the name of our country. If we are holding someone anywhere in the world Habeas Corpus should apply. I’ll ignore the shadowy area of guests of the US in another countries jail. Yes it is a tough burden on intelligence gathering. However it puts the US on a higher moral authority. Consider the opposite direction. What if China or Russia rounded up independent CIA contractors around the world and just held them out of the light of day, and branded them “Espionage Agents working against the state”. We would work night and day to fight for their release. Right now my government is doing things we only think of happening “over there” in dictatorships and. This is one of those cases. The US follows it’s own laws. Unless of course you happen to be suspected of being a terrorist, then anything goes.
I beg of you to do the right thing. Habeas Corpus applies for the US authorities in all cases, evenly applied. If they have been arrested for being a terrorist try them as such. If they have been arrested as a material witness let them go.
This president has done more to reduce the moral standing and decay personal freedoms than any before. Our preemptive strike has weakened our position around the world. You can start the pendulum moving in the other direction.



  1. Jesse said,

    I predict it is your birthday. And that you should try to have a happy one.

  2. gillsmoke said,

    Your prediction was correct and fun was had.

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