December 22, 2007

New Project

Posted in blogging, Random at 06:13 0 by gillsmoke

I have a Hipster PDA I have it right here in my front pocket, complete with pen. Ubiquitous capture tool, yep. How’s it working out? not so much. I mean I use it, just not every day. When I do use it it is often for other people to jot something down or the bank checks I have sequestered there. So I haz an Idea. If’n I keep it in my pocket it will never get used I need it out and doodled upon, Doodled? ART! Why yes it’s genius. Monday Blog posts with last weeks art card. I like it, it fulfils many of my personal goals at once. I have had this Idea for a while. I’ve been waiting for the end of the year to spring it. I might have to challenge Grety or Crawlspace to try it too. Hell I challenge all 4 of my readers to do it.The Rules:
For the 52 weeks of 2008 I intend to make a single piece of art on a 3X5 index card. No cards can be so similar as to be considered the same (flip books and color / tonal studies are out). The card is the item. One can create a photo and print it to a 3X5 or a digital image.
I also intend that these should be shared with the world so the must be shown on this blog in a timely manner. Jan 1 is a Tuesday so last weeks card must be shown between the following Monday and Wednesday.

My art is graded thusly:
5 points for posted on time, one point deducted for every day late (min 1 point)
up to 3 points for difficulty attempted
1 point for relevance
1 point for color/tone use

1 bonus point for each found (not generated) collage item (max 3)
1 bonus point for production in public (work does not count as public)
1 bonus point for usefulness (for example used in a discussion, or a map)

10 points possible
5 bonus points possible

520 points for the year with 260 bonus points. My goal for this year is to do better than half total and half bonus for a goal of 364 (15/2 = 7 average points * 52 weeks).



  1. gretty said,

    Damn! I’m late already, but I’m in. I’m in.

  2. gillsmoke said,

    I already made this weeks card.

  3. gretty said,

    My first one is up! What does relevance refer to in your points system?

  4. gillsmoke said,

    Does it capture the last Week, is what I was looking for. It’s all arbitrary. I just want to make sure I get more miles from my hipster.

  5. Jesse said,

    Call me late to the game. As it is what, February? And I am just now reading this… Yeah. Well.

    My rules for me are adjusted thusly: 1 piece of finished art a week, or if not 1 per week, 4-6 by the end of a month. Things done for my day job are not applicable.

    Art should be posted within 24 hours of completion. Doodles do not count.

    Grading as such:
    No points for completion.
    Personal chastising for lack of completion.

    By the end of the year, I should have created somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 new painting and/or vector illustrations.

    Right now, being the first week of February, I should have 6 pieces done. Which I do, not counting the thing I posted on January 1, because I started that in December.

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