December 22, 2007


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What if I told you all of your dreams would come true? What if I told you everything everybody believes is right, including the seemingly contradictory ones. Well they are. It is why I feel concerned about the far right and the far left, They are soo far apart that in some ways they are the same. I am left leaning but fear some of the implications of being a Democrat, I’d like to be a Republican (Smaller government, Fiscal responsibility) but with the religious Right in their corner and all the dirty tricks they pull to get elected, umm no thanks. I’d really like to see a candidate that has  my interests at heart. The way things are rigged, no way. One always end up being beholden to someone else.

People think the current state of affairs are somewhat new. They are not. the industrial giants weren’t called robber barons for nothing. Since permanent taxation things have been sliding downhill.

Even before that the Colonial powers were trying get all they could from the colonies. It’s tragic, but it always becomes about who gets the money. Right now it is a global game of give me the money I’m going to use to implement the oppression I have planned for you. It’s always “all about the money”. This I believe with all my heart. Therefore it is as real as can be. I say to my sons on a regular basis, “Once the police get involved it’s too late. You had better stop whatever you were doing.” That too is true as can be.


I found out this summer that the hills in hillbilly is in my backyard. I wonder how much of my experience is colored by my father’s family perspective. My mother’s side carries crazy. I know just exactly how much of my experience that covers. My dreams for myself are tortured. My dreams for humanity are lofty. My experience shows that anything can happen. My hands still hold promise of something great. My children, seem ready to go further than their parents. Where am I going with all this? I don’t know, maybe I’m just looking for Crawlspace’s ridicule or maybe CRSE’s acceptance. I must write. I don’t even care if it doesn’t make sense. It’ll all become clear later I’m sure.


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