January 15, 2008

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Week 2: in case you don’t get it it’s a Battletech reference, the mech (Giant piloted robot) on the left is a Locust, one of the least used Mechs ever, on the right are a Panther and a Wasp. I score alot for this, the mechs are cut from gum wrappers after all. I didn’t have enough time for a background. The $20 vocab word was in my gmail account one day last week. I’ve been obsessed with Battletech MUX  for the last week. I suck at it, if your looking for me I’m  shakie.

week 2 doodle


No doodle yet …

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… but I have the Idea. Tonight I swear.

January 8, 2008

week one doodle

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6 points, On time and what’s happening.


Where the Wii takes over our house.