January 15, 2008

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Week 2: in case you don’t get it it’s a Battletech reference, the mech (Giant piloted robot) on the left is a Locust, one of the least used Mechs ever, on the right are a Panther and a Wasp. I score alot for this, the mechs are cut from gum wrappers after all. I didn’t have enough time for a background. The $20 vocab word was in my gmail account one day last week. I’ve been obsessed with Battletech MUX  for the last week. I suck at it, if your looking for me I’m  shakie.

week 2 doodle



  1. Lucy said,

    Seriously, you lost me at Battletech. But I thought you’d like a comment anyway. Made out of gum wrappers?

  2. crse said,

    OMG. Our house is completely in germy SHAMBLES. Im off my meds and have coated everything in chocolate. People are puking. CHips are everywhere. And yet, I cannot help but gasp at how amazing those are. Why are we not rich?

  3. gretty said,

    Well done!

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