April 23, 2008

New readers, returning freind

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For almost a year while living together lyghtchild and I had roughly the same conversation every week (with nothing else being said).
Whatcha doing?
What about?
What about it?
It sucks.
Ohh, (long silence) Anything else?
OK (I walk away)

Replace Racism with Politics, Religion, Drug Policy, or music. Music didn’t suck, it was “ehh”

I’m not kidding, his silence was constant and extreme. I talked to him on the phone this week for 3 hours. Wow. We even talked about his lack of speech. I mentioned that was the longest conversation we’ve had in … ever. I miss the comfort of having him near. We lived together after high school off and on for more than a decade. I often wish I wasn’t compelled to tell people they are wrong, and could just hold my wagging tongue. I would stay out of more trouble.
Don’t tell him, but I’m going to set him up with a blog as soon as someone tags me with a meme, just like I did with gretty. I’m thinking of blog names and passwords for him now.


I dare you

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If there is a mathematician in the readership I dare you you to translate the following into plain English:

“Any ring can be seen as a preadditive category with a single object. It is therefore natural to consider arbitrary preadditive categories to be generalizations of rings. And indeed, many definitions and theorems originally given for rings can be translated to this more general context. Additive functors between preadditive categories generalize the concept of ring homomorphism, and ideals in additive categories can be defined as sets of morphisms closed under addition and under composition with arbitrary morphisms.”

No those are not shiny rings they are Math rings, they are sets with certain properties that make them useful for mathematicians to study for long periods of time and make sweeping generalizations, like the preceding, that make me wonder if I learned anything in that class at all. Nope, I sure didn’t.

The reason I mention anything is because I truly feel that although Wikipedia has its faults, it is the fount of all information. If the snippet isn’t factual and or scholarly, then tell me where the error is and we’ll fix it together ok? and that is what make3s it perfect.

April 10, 2008

late nights

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So, I can’t get to sleep. I’m drawn in my mind back to high school which was twenty years ago. I’ve been looking over classmates.com I remember how awful things were then. The people were pretty much the biggest part of that. I say Rob was on there but didn’t fill out a profile. Max is on there too, as is Carole. I need to fill out my profile but I don’t know what to say. What keeps running through my mind is “Hi I’m that psycho guy that sat behind you. You may not remember me but I remember you” Too menacing? intro to a slasher flick? How about “since I dropped out of high school it took me a couple of years to get my life together but now I’m writing software for machines that ship your crappy jobs to China” Too trite? Too much hostility? Help me.