April 23, 2008

New readers, returning freind

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For almost a year while living together lyghtchild and I had roughly the same conversation every week (with nothing else being said).
Whatcha doing?
What about?
What about it?
It sucks.
Ohh, (long silence) Anything else?
OK (I walk away)

Replace Racism with Politics, Religion, Drug Policy, or music. Music didn’t suck, it was “ehh”

I’m not kidding, his silence was constant and extreme. I talked to him on the phone this week for 3 hours. Wow. We even talked about his lack of speech. I mentioned that was the longest conversation we’ve had in … ever. I miss the comfort of having him near. We lived together after high school off and on for more than a decade. I often wish I wasn’t compelled to tell people they are wrong, and could just hold my wagging tongue. I would stay out of more trouble.
Don’t tell him, but I’m going to set him up with a blog as soon as someone tags me with a meme, just like I did with gretty. I’m thinking of blog names and passwords for him now.



  1. crseum said,

    See, he was a pretty good talker once the drink set in and the cards were dealt in front of him. And he was very easy to live with. Lyghtchild, if you are reading this, you know you always have a home with us right?

  2. luckybuzz said,

    Did I not tag you for the photobucket meme? http://luckybuzz.wordpress.com/2008/04/03/photobucket-meme/

    Consider yourself unofficially tagged. 🙂

  3. Wendylady said,

    Never been a problem for me. Always was able to talk to Lyghtchild. In fact last month we had one conversation that lasted for 7 1/2 hours. I guess that it just depends on his mood. The key is to ask questions that he can’t answer “eeh” or “nah”. Just kidding Honey you know I Luv Ya!

  4. lyghtchild said,

    OK I don’t talk much, but the reason for my silence is that I don’t want to interrupt the voices in my head, that would be rude and they would piss and moan about it for weeks.
    As far as setting me up with a blog, I appreciate the thought but between work sleep and my personal crusade for internet porn I just wouldn’t have the time to post.

  5. Lucy said,

    “I often wish I wasn’t compelled to tell people they are wrong, and could just hold my wagging tongue.”

    I actually really, really like it when you don’t hold your “wagging tongue.” I find it refreshingly honest and kinda fun. Especially in…ahem… certain family circumstances.

  6. gillsmoke said,

    lyghtchild: So you were broadcasting your MPD on that poor unassuming Vampire. shame on you.That and: Have you seen my post record? not so good. That and WE (in the royal sense) have already taken plenty of time away from pornotube.com what’s another 10 minutes every week or two? Hours of amusement for the rest of us’uns.

    Lucy: That’s why I don’t hold as still as I would like. It’s too much fun. Ask CRSE about the 2001 reference she’s mad at me for.

    Wendylady, you may not mean too but you are really rubbing it in. CRSE was always able to get him to interact on some level. People have told she could get walls to talk and lyghtchild was the proof.

  7. wendylady said,

    Glad to hear that someone else has the ability to get him to talk! I’m tring to get him to interact more often. AKA get him away from internet porn on a more regular basis! HA-HA CRSE we have to get together if for nothing else just to watch eachother in action!

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