June 24, 2008

who needs bullets?

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So I have been listening to people tell me stories. Not like Lyghtchild’s infamous voices, nor have I been talking to polititions or used car salesmen. Gentle readers I have been going to Escapepod for a weekly scifi fix. One of the reoccurring authors has a series of stories set in a universe of supers. Its called the Union Dues series and I am in love with it. Other people are too and Escapepod inspired some young people to do the same thing, Clonepod also got a Union Dues story. wow. I wish I had that kind of initiative when I was that age. Who am I kidding I need that kind of initiative now.
Escapepod has two sister podcasts PodCastle and PsuedoPod.

Lucy and Reg were at my house Sunday. The ladies were involved with some sort of message board and hate speech (preventing not spewing), I’m not sure I really want to know what happened, or get involved. REG and I were talking D&D and my dad joined us and discussed playing cards and golf and sports, and then all sorts of topics. It was nice. I’m glad my father met one of my friends. That reminds me I need to call Lyghtchild soon it has been a couple of weeks.


June 19, 2008

minute missives

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19 June 2008
I spy with my little eye. Software moving underground.
Silence infidel.
Husshhh, I’m cog’ nate’ in.

motor, motor, spin your gears.
Turn and twist.
Directions, counts and force too.
What in the hell do you care if you are upside down and awkward too.
Soon you will be under my control. (Muwahaa, haa, haa!)
poetry by Frater Mechanicus

I didn’t say it was going to be good I just said more often. Crawlspace understands. Besides I don’t have a good response to my wife’s eyebrow issue.

June 12, 2008

On My TODO: list

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Dear readers,
I assure you I have not died. Since returning from Puerto Rico I have been driven to distraction from my normal diversions. There will be something of substance in the near future. Till then please feel free to abuse me in your thoughts.