June 19, 2008

minute missives

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19 June 2008
I spy with my little eye. Software moving underground.
Silence infidel.
Husshhh, I’m cog’ nate’ in.

motor, motor, spin your gears.
Turn and twist.
Directions, counts and force too.
What in the hell do you care if you are upside down and awkward too.
Soon you will be under my control. (Muwahaa, haa, haa!)
poetry by Frater Mechanicus

I didn’t say it was going to be good I just said more often. Crawlspace understands. Besides I don’t have a good response to my wife’s eyebrow issue.


  1. Wendylady said,

    Love is blind and thank GOD she didn’t blind you. I love you not your eyebrows. She should be shot on site without any time to deffend herself! Lets find her car and make her pay! Anyone of these should help.

  2. Jesse said,

    Now that is a post!

  3. gillsmoke said,

    WL: Well see she didn’t tell me there was a problem and the way she’s going bangless makes her face sort of like Voilet Incredible’s. The first I knew of the eyebrow issue was reading it on her blog before I posted my missives.

    Jesse: There might be more like it. Then again maybe not.

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