June 24, 2008

who needs bullets?

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So I have been listening to people tell me stories. Not like Lyghtchild’s infamous voices, nor have I been talking to polititions or used car salesmen. Gentle readers I have been going to Escapepod for a weekly scifi fix. One of the reoccurring authors has a series of stories set in a universe of supers. Its called the Union Dues series and I am in love with it. Other people are too and Escapepod inspired some young people to do the same thing, Clonepod also got a Union Dues story. wow. I wish I had that kind of initiative when I was that age. Who am I kidding I need that kind of initiative now.
Escapepod has two sister podcasts PodCastle and PsuedoPod.

Lucy and Reg were at my house Sunday. The ladies were involved with some sort of message board and hate speech (preventing not spewing), I’m not sure I really want to know what happened, or get involved. REG and I were talking D&D and my dad joined us and discussed playing cards and golf and sports, and then all sorts of topics. It was nice. I’m glad my father met one of my friends. That reminds me I need to call Lyghtchild soon it has been a couple of weeks.



  1. Steve Eley said,

    Glad you’re enjoying the podcast! Thanks for the kind words!

    (No, I’m not a crazy psychic stalker. I just check Technorati every so often for EP mentions, and your post happened to have good timing.) >8->

  2. gillsmoke said,

    Wow, I feel like I just got paged by a celebrity, that I was just talking about.
    Mr. Eley, I was just following the suggestion to spread the word. I don’t know how much clout I have with my three readers.

  3. lyghtchild said,

    I’ll have you know the voices are real!

  4. wendylady said,

    He even talks back to them in his sleep.

  5. gillsmoke said,

    I never said that they were imaginary. I said everybody knows about them before they meet you.

  6. Patty Kim said,

    Hi Shakie,

    Thanks for the mention and for helping to spread the word!

    Patty Kim and the team at clonepod.org

  7. gillsmoke said,

    wow, now I feel really special, another celeb.

  8. wendylady said,

    saved the site will have lyghtchild take a look this evening.

  9. Lucy said,

    So, which ONE of use are you considering a friend, me or REG? Think carefully before you answer.

    Your dad is a nice man, and I was glad to have met him. The hate speech thing was an unfortunate four day obsession that is now and forever over.

  10. gill_smoke said,

    wendylady, It’s several related sites all are linked above.

    Lucy, I intended Reg to be said friend. Not that you are not my friend, nor am I implying a deep intimacy with your husband. I would however consider the conversation with the three “men” at the table the high point of the evening. CRSE’s latest obsession is Wagon Trail over on facebook. Remember Oregon Trail? This is a remake with friends invited along your caravan. I don’t get it.

  11. Lucy said,

    Gill, I was one of the wagon trailers, but I died. Apparently, Crse fought to save me, but alas, I died anyway.

  12. crseum said,

    I am so embarrassed when I realize after everyone else that you posted weeks ago. Sadly, I will now check you everyday for the next month and stop probably about a week before you post again. Im so tickled that you got responses from superstars! I did fight to save Lucy. I even robbed your cousin’s wagon to get money to buy medicine but she did indeed die anyway. Sigh…

  13. Patty Kim said,

    Thanks for the mention of our podcast clonepod – it isn’t only kids who work on it – but they do quite a bit of work on the podcast. The union dues stories are the first that children are reading themselves and they will soon start reading more stories instead of having adults read all the stories. They were huge fans of escape pod and we all thought – well we can do that and do it PG13!

    Thanks for mentioning us – if you like us spread the word further

    Patty Kim
    Clonepod editor

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