July 11, 2008


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You know, we are “Those” people, the ones who don’t do enough lawn care. I imagine everybody on my street driving by and shaking thier heads saying, “Get a lawn service already.”

So I read my message board posts and I think I sound like a teenager. I find that disturbing. teenager not in the OMG !11! PONIES!! way, but in the don’t really have anything interesting to add to the conversation way.

Our house is a mess. I’d like to blame CRSE, and who know I still might, but it isn’t her fault. I blame the little one.

Balloon animal art is not my thing especially when it is done by me with really cheap balloons.

I am supposed to be helping people generate characters for fourth edition Dungeons and Dragons tonight. however I have not had contact with anybody and CRSE is going out with the ladies.

I’ve been reading House of Leaves. I was more scared of the Illuminatus Trilogy. I am more amused by what’s in there. I would like to see a similar treatment of “The Princess Bride” Maybe I’ll do it. A foreigner (who is secretly an outer space alien) comes across a book and video cassette, what follows is his detailed (and documented) exploration of interpersonal communications as it relates to modern times.

I’ve been doing a little writing on the side and it has been suckier than those stupid musings I posted. One day, One day …

Oh Shit Worldwide Adventure Writing Month is almost half over and I forgot all about it. Do you think WotC would count it as a writing credit?

and the last bullet point for today, CRSE’s comment on my last post included a complaint, “Send me an email or something when you post.” Would sombody tell her about RSS feeds, please? Whenever I talk to her about anything resembling a computer she gets hostile. Side note: she has 600+ unread emails in her gmail account.