July 11, 2008


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You know, we are “Those” people, the ones who don’t do enough lawn care. I imagine everybody on my street driving by and shaking thier heads saying, “Get a lawn service already.”

So I read my message board posts and I think I sound like a teenager. I find that disturbing. teenager not in the OMG !11! PONIES!! way, but in the don’t really have anything interesting to add to the conversation way.

Our house is a mess. I’d like to blame CRSE, and who know I still might, but it isn’t her fault. I blame the little one.

Balloon animal art is not my thing especially when it is done by me with really cheap balloons.

I am supposed to be helping people generate characters for fourth edition Dungeons and Dragons tonight. however I have not had contact with anybody and CRSE is going out with the ladies.

I’ve been reading House of Leaves. I was more scared of the Illuminatus Trilogy. I am more amused by what’s in there. I would like to see a similar treatment of “The Princess Bride” Maybe I’ll do it. A foreigner (who is secretly an outer space alien) comes across a book and video cassette, what follows is his detailed (and documented) exploration of interpersonal communications as it relates to modern times.

I’ve been doing a little writing on the side and it has been suckier than those stupid musings I posted. One day, One day …

Oh Shit Worldwide Adventure Writing Month is almost half over and I forgot all about it. Do you think WotC would count it as a writing credit?

and the last bullet point for today, CRSE’s comment on my last post included a complaint, “Send me an email or something when you post.” Would sombody tell her about RSS feeds, please? Whenever I talk to her about anything resembling a computer she gets hostile. Side note: she has 600+ unread emails in her gmail account.



  1. crseum said,

    wev- maybe if you didn’t have the nick burns computer guy reaction every time i had a question, i wouldn’t be hostile hmmmm? Anyway, we don’t need no stinking lawn mowed. Lets go have fun! RSS feeds are for suckers btw.

  2. luckybuzz said,

    I have always secretly wished that I could make balloon animals. Maybe someday.

  3. gillsmoke said,

    CRSE: You treat me like I am Nick Burns your computer guy even when I am being patient and trying to explain in layman’s terms why things need to happen in a certain way. And We don’t need it mowed the neighbor’s do.

    LB: All I can say from my experience is get good balloons I had 3 pop while being inflated. You might enjoy http://escapepod.org/2005/09/01/ep017-the-life-and-times-of-penguin/ on several levels. Kind of Voltaire meets Toy Story. It is about a balloon animal, I can’t say more but I’ve already said too much. H might like it too.

  4. lyghtchild said,

    O.K. you are a show off. how dare you flaunt your lawn in front of your neighbors face like that! I have a dirt lot with dog crap forming small termite mounds that I have worked getting even one blade of grass from, and the best I can do is these damned goat heads.
    Teenager? I’ll have you know I made my best decisions as a teen, that’s when I decided who my friends are!
    Your house should be a mess, you have 2 small kids and a job I’m on my one and can’t find my ass. As far as balloon animals, snakes, they were good enough for god!!! My work here is done.

  5. lucy said,

    Gill, even my house is a mess right now, and you know how I am. It’s kid house. I gave up. I lack the energy. Balloon animals…great idea. I’d love to be able to score a balloon animal without actually interacting with a clown.

    Sorry about the D&D. I really did feel kinda bad about that…not enough to change my plans, but enough to say, “Oh, I feel bad that Gill can’t do his D&D thing.”

  6. Wendylady said,

    I have rocks with weeds resembaling small bushes in the back yard with same dog material as Lyghchild. And with kids you are lucky if you are able to even walk into thier rooms or the local family gathering area. The only chance to catch up is when school starts. The only difference that happens when the kids get older is the complexity of the toys. Never the mess!
    I wish someone would make me balloon animals. Lucy’s right the street clowns are just plain creepy!

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