August 27, 2008

So what do you want, a cupcake?

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I’m getting excited about playing D&D again. I’m thinking if my Friday gaming group falls through I will aproach a store I pass on the way home about holding Saturday game days there. Hell I might do that anyway. I hope there’s free wifi near there.

D&D Insider will start needing a subscription soon. The content still sucks, the apps aren’t finished and WotC’s digital initative looks like a wash. But for only $4.95 a month you to can have a sucky interface to a sucky database app that is replacing the errata and FAQ. Thanks guys that’s just swell. I want to pay for official suck. And your GSL F(n) [pronounced eff of en] is a legal load of crap too. Thanks for killing off 3ppl (that’s third party publishers for those not in the know), why don’t you guys just sell the license for 20 million and let some other jerks drive for a while.

I’m beginning to think Pathfinder might be better for the orginized play. Sure it’s a new setting to me and the combat is more convoluted, you know third edition D&D style, but they are still in open developement. As in community input and editiong, that is much better than the editing job done by the pro’s. Hell WotC is getting as bad as Microsoft about releasing a beta and calling it complete.


August 25, 2008

He looked like Johnny Depp in that dangerous “I just shot heroin,” way.

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That should be my post, instead I offer Luckybuzz style anxiety. I cannot disclose the nature of the panic but it included images of thugs from Brooklyn sayin, “I would be a shame if something happened to …”

My wife would be normally be telling me, “Don’t worry about it honey, it would jiust make your head hurt.” and it does.

I keep hear a Hal 3000 quote said by my eldest’s sweetest monotone, “You seem streesed Dave, why don’t you take a nerve pill sit down and think things over for a while.” Thus I post.

I will leave you with the thought that Clown college seems to be in my future.

August 17, 2008

Things I meant to say

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Let’s get back to why you are no longer a Christian. Was it just the secular exposure?

If you people are going to send me for liquor the least you could do is drink it.

Although you all are making jokes about swinging, if any of you would like to have a mature discussion about polyamory let me know.

The reason I don’t have a top ten list is I’ m too easy to need one (I did say that in private and I should have said it in public).

Another *** reference, who do I have to call for an intervention?

Although It is time for us to go for the kids sake, I wish I could stay here and continue the conversation.

Thank you for having us (I know I said it but I don’t think I was heard).

A couple of days later I forgot to mention wanting to make the wrong decision and talking about parenthood as a spiritual journey.

And just tonight, You know I also turned my back on a similar display a couple of weeks ago.

EDIT: Just so’s ya all know. I have not had nor am I looking to have another lover. My life is complicated enough thank you very much. Polyamory like many fringe and obscure topics, I am more knowledgeable than experienced.

August 7, 2008


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OMG! Joss Whedon fans, why didn’t you tell me!

Go here now

Now pay the 4 bucks to get it from iTunes. There doesn’t that want to make you watch Dollhouse? I’m ready.

These lines might only be partially right but thay are the ones that go through my head on repeat.

B. T. W. Nothing from the league yet. But I feel my application is strong this year. I got a letter of comdemnation signed by the deputy mayor. -Dr. Horrible

I’m going to sleep with her again I hear you get to do the really weird stuff the second time. -Captain Hammer