August 17, 2008

Things I meant to say

Posted in family, life, Random at 21:28 0 by gillsmoke

Let’s get back to why you are no longer a Christian. Was it just the secular exposure?

If you people are going to send me for liquor the least you could do is drink it.

Although you all are making jokes about swinging, if any of you would like to have a mature discussion about polyamory let me know.

The reason I don’t have a top ten list is I’ m too easy to need one (I did say that in private and I should have said it in public).

Another *** reference, who do I have to call for an intervention?

Although It is time for us to go for the kids sake, I wish I could stay here and continue the conversation.

Thank you for having us (I know I said it but I don’t think I was heard).

A couple of days later I forgot to mention wanting to make the wrong decision and talking about parenthood as a spiritual journey.

And just tonight, You know I also turned my back on a similar display a couple of weeks ago.

EDIT: Just so’s ya all know. I have not had nor am I looking to have another lover. My life is complicated enough thank you very much. Polyamory like many fringe and obscure topics, I am more knowledgeable than experienced.



  1. crseum said,

    I LOVE YOU. That whole polyamory thing was…well…awkward at best. What display a few weeks ago?

  2. luckybuzz said,

    “If you people are going to send me for liquor the least you could do is drink it.”

    So sad. This is why you need me there. 🙂

  3. lyghtchild said,

    you know I would never send you for liquor with out drinking any… maybe all that came back.

  4. gillsmoke said,

    CRSE, It was at a church of all places. Yeah, why is it that everywhere I go people think I’m loose, you know not that married? Because really I’m quite the opposite, you know what I mean. “Excuse me why are you touching / looking at / near me?” sort of married.

    LB and LC (hmmm) , That’s what I’m saying. Hell, I felt like opening the bottle myself and giving the kids spritzer shooters. If I’m buying somebody better be drinking.

  5. lucy said,

    Sorry about the liquor run. I DID drink it, though. And thanks for the ketchup too. I seem to have missed a lot.

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