August 25, 2008

He looked like Johnny Depp in that dangerous “I just shot heroin,” way.

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That should be my post, instead I offer Luckybuzz style anxiety. I cannot disclose the nature of the panic but it included images of thugs from Brooklyn sayin, “I would be a shame if something happened to …”

My wife would be normally be telling me, “Don’t worry about it honey, it would jiust make your head hurt.” and it does.

I keep hear a Hal 3000 quote said by my eldest’s sweetest monotone, “You seem streesed Dave, why don’t you take a nerve pill sit down and think things over for a while.” Thus I post.

I will leave you with the thought that Clown college seems to be in my future.



  1. lucy said,

    Okay, you can’t just tease me with a Johnny Depp post title and then leave me with this random craziness. Now I need to take a nerve pill and sit down and think things over for a while.

  2. crse said,

    Oh Lucy, I can give you the context later, but take comfort now that heroin chic johnny depp just doesn’t look as hot in a dirty basement on the south side of youngstown as it initially sounded. Or so im telling myself. And believing Gill!

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