September 22, 2008

Like the morning after

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Played DND till 1:30, Lied around house semi commatose for two days, CRSE says it’s correlative. I say I was trying not to get sick.
In an effort to make things right I will endevor to make things more livable in the house.
CRSE can comment to set the priority Otherwise I will start with the bedding while the kids clean up the wreckage of thier passing.
I’m planning on kicking ass because I feel better. Not great, but I feel conscience and a little embaresed.
I promised it would not be like this I’m sorry.

To readers that may have played it was good. We ran long because we got started late then I had to collect data. Next time I think things will go more smoothly. Even if we have 2 tables.


September 9, 2008

Dedisgustify is not a word but it is a good discription

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One room a day that’s my goal honey tonight the kitchen.

September 5, 2008

Who knew? a profane Tanka formed Rokku for you

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Coming back to home
Master is greeted by dog
sniffing tail wagging

I’m gonna kick you
in your fucking head if you
don’t stop floor pissing

Stupid goddamn jackass dog
I really fucking hate you

Hiaku / Hokku