October 30, 2008

Rock the vote tour ’08

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Since I found out that I was going to go to the concert in CRSE’s place I felt obligated to take notes to “Liveblog” the event. Don’t get too excited, I’m not nearly as amusing or polite as my wife. Let’s start with how I ended up going instead of CRSE. It’s the end of the month.

Really nothing besides that needs to be said. For those not in the know, my wife has paperwork due and monthly she does it all in the last couple of days, usually involving an all weekend write-a-thon to get it all completed. Since she hasn’t done her homework she can’t go. “Your going in my place,” she said. Now CRSE insists that she told me earlier in the week that I was going. I don’t remember that conversation, my calendar is empty so I didn’t write it down for either of us. CRSE is probablly right and I’m just a dumbass. I set all that up because I was supprised when she told me I was going.
“Really?” I asked.
“Really,” she said annoyed at my dumbassitude.
“Ok what time?” I asked
“You will leave no earlier than 6:20” she said precicely

As the clock wound around CRSE tasked me with feeding the kids and letting out the dogs, “No problem,” I thought. Then “Crap I’m running late.” I left the house at 6:30, stopped for caffeine support then went the rest of the way downtown. I had to go around the same block thrice due to being unfamiliar with the driving conditions downtown. As I pull in to park I call another member of my wife’s party.
“Where are we meeting?”
“I’m not sure, Where are you?”
“Parking, Where are you?”
“On our way, we’ll see you by the box office.”
I’m late and I’m still first? How does that happen?

It took nearly 20 minutes to get our entire party collected and in the venue. Liquor was required then up to our seats. First section, Top row, Stage left. Somebody was already playing.
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October 29, 2008

Nano Looming

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I have a book to write. Since I stopped thinking I am going to get published, I thought this year I would just wing it. There was the constant nagging “you have to plan” feeling that I started calling fishy. As in, “that’s some fishy advice that sounds an awful like supossed to.” I got the feeling to go away by outlining a novel I thought I wanted to write, there were some weak points. I still have that draft so it may go off as a second (snicker). What I really wanted was something that would go with the theme of “10 years of literary abandon” I found it. There’s a thread about imaginary books and someone passed the Onion article. I’m taking it. Shitty first draft nothing, it’s a shitty finished imaginary book. I feel liberated, I’m writing Dog Days, by J. Phillip Edward. I can’t wait, must wait it starts this weekend.

October 28, 2008

This just in

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Christian Children’s Fund Refuses Charity Tainted by D&D
What is this the eighties? My favorite part about the article was the inventer of D&D gave regularlly.
It always makes me wonder, What is motivating the behavior? Fear? Like the McCain signs in people’s yards, especially the “Another Democrat for McCain” I just want to march up to the doors and ask why? What is it that drives you to the other side. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have any illusions that Obama is a big two faced politician that will say anything to get elected (so is McCain)
I just want to ask why. I’m not even sure if I care about the answer. My dad is for the red side, when I talked to him the misinformation showed in his discussion. He Jumped on the “Spread the wealth” statment. When I pointed out that the amount of corperate welwfwre given to big business and that Bush spent money he didn’t have to wage wars he had no business in he said “I’ll have to look into that”.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not a real democrat. I’m really an Anarchist. I’m voting for Oboma but I really hope McCain wins. He’s going to Fuck some shit up. Armed revolt? maybe, vigorous dissention I sure hope so.
My father said, “Look the democrats have been in control of the Congress for 2 years and they haven’t done anything.” I have an answer to that, The Republicains are pulling the same tricks the democrats did when the tables were reversed. Blocked in committee hidden from the floor procedural votes stymied. We call that Nerfed in the nerd circles to good so it must be stopped.
Let’s change the election laws so None of the above is a viable choise, there would be a lot of empty seats. Let’s set some term limits 3 for the house 2 for the senete. Lets remove Money from the discourse. no lobby money allowed at all. Lets remove earmaks and have a balenced budget. Lets gpo back to isolationist forign policy, basiclly we’ll stop telling you how to run your country. All of these gaols sound reasonable and practical. However I don’t really see any of those things happening in my lifetime. As Darla BonBon always said, “Ohhh Weeelll.”

Anarchy The prefered goverment if Somalis since 1991

October 27, 2008


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That’s the 15 min prompt but I’ve got nothing for my SF setting to go with that. But I have some things that rise unbidded within me.
Like rage at Jackassidy, although seeing people fawn over him makes me feel a little foolish for hating him so. Then when I come home and have to chase him when he bolts as I’m leaving him out then cleanning up today’s piss and poop, I feel vindicated.
Like frustration with the Turnip Why did I have to sleep on a chair dear child? because you can open locks. Hey when I ask where you’re going don’t tell me you’ll brb KaiThks.
Like Pride when I see Max play well with others, and he is comfortable with all sorts of people too it’s nice.
Like Joy when I see CRSE entertain, her face shines as she sees to peoples needs. Her control and steerage of the conversation is a beauty in and of itself.
Like guilt when I think about my gaming group, I still haven’t taken care of reporting and it sucks. I’ll take care of that today.  Though I think I have 2 more for the group.

October 26, 2008


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It’s been a lovely day. I am not going to go into details but I got foodTV, a Pumpkin patch and Buzzbob all in one day. and I got a little peace of mind today too.

October 25, 2008

Story time

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NaNoWriMo will be here very soon and I have been writing almost cohereent plot lines. Well the thread is visable to me. I think I will take CRSE’s advise and edit it into a story, but I’ll do it in December. In fact I think I might start looking to get published, Again in December, I’ve got a Novel to write.

In the mean time I might get a little behind on posts this weekend, no I won’t. I’ve only got like a week to go, and look, Here’s Saturday’s post. Why would I get behind? Well gentle readrers, We have people staying over all weekend. In fact if CRSE knew I was writing instead of cleaning she would have my ass. Till next time think of me in a french maid costume (with fur).

October 24, 2008


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When the Avenger class cruiser came in system, The messenger left. Courier, Spy the difference was minor. The cruiser was not at a La Grange point it was coming in cold and normal. What that all meant would be determined at the next couple of jumps. A messenger class courier could jump circles around a cruiser. the problem was no firepower or defences, if the cruiser got lucky being at the right place at the right time, the Messenger would need to reful and the cruiser would have at least a week to blast the poor flyspeck out of existance.
Skipper did they see us?
Too soon to say, I hope so. Takata had used the old Scout service trick of acellerating in one direction but jumping in another. Most milatary types fell for it. Some fell for it repeatedly.
Which message in the batch is it?
Is what?
The one that paints a bullseye on us?
Not sure
Which way now skipper?
Not sure, Lets make tea.
Which way Captian?
Isn’t that what I pay you for?
Yes sir but I’m used to hunting slower ships, with
Ensign, you are tempting me to kill the messenger. Since you are unwilling to venture a guess plot a course upstream to the next courier station.
Takata served out the tea, “since our persuers have not arrived yet lets assume they have not guessed our jump.”

Smith nodded as he sipped his tea, “I keep asking, Why do they persue us?”

A very good question. Our charter often puts us at odd with goverments and corporations but this almost seems personal. I think your right, we should look through the message batch before we decide which way to go.

Smith pulled out a star chart of the region, “This was our intended course.” and he drew a line from point to point across the page. “We were almost boarded here.” he said as he circled a point, and we took this exasive course drawing a line across three stars. We have enough fuel to go anwhere in here and he drew a circle around 9 stars including the three he had a line through.

Good, options are good. Intentions might need to be expressed now. I want to get our message batch delivered, on time would be best. I think we are not going to make it because we will need to refuel before we can get there.

Smith interupted, We could refeul here and go to this station. his guestures on the starmap indicated going past the courier stop. I’m sure it’s message related. if we pass them and 6 jump all the way home, He ltrailed off considering if he had the right idea.

Takata closed his eyes. He was quiet and still. He cleared his mind with tea and breathing. Finally he said, “Mr. Smith, Let us see which message we are hand delivering”
After a week at the Courier station Captian Madras has to give up her last hope. “Ensign plat a course for Halon IV, our mission is failed.”
Yes sir He replied
Let us hope the company will not kill the messenger.
I’m sorry skipper they won’t let us though, they want our message pack and want us to dock before departure.

I think our mission has just failed Smith. Our friends may not have found us but the messengers seem to have got in front of us. I think it was where double 3 jumped. I think a courier got ahead of us there. We should have went through the message pack a little better.

Skipper I think we did ok, We got 2 star systems away from the Sector capital and we did pass the message off a subsector ago

Takata smiled. “I know. Lets hope the hope they don’t kill us for not having the message. Let us dock and prepare to be boarded.”

October 23, 2008


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Regent Of Reltal. The Imperium finds you guilty of killing citizens of the Imerium in their free and given right of Travel. You are sentenced to your choice of 20 years of stasis plus 10 years confinement and removal of all titles or public execution.

I choose execution.

By the power given to me by the govener of this the Elias sector of the Imperium of Man I hereby sentence you to death by firing squad. It will procede tomorrow at the biggest city this salad bowl has. May whatever takes you be pleased by the offering.
You are guilty of multiple counts of embezzelment you were not authorized to extend travel to our employers. Who is going to pay the 200,000 credits already incured and the 150,000 that may be incured at any time from hence forth.

I take all responsibilities for the debt.

And how do you expect to pay 200,000 credits?

Low berthing the next 300 missions. That cost saving alone should make it possible to recoup the losses incured on my behalf.

Laughable, that’s what; more than a decade in cryro. Besides we cannot have a commander that’s asleep for 2 weeks of every mission. Your demotion is inevetable the cost is attached to your banking records if you quit making payments we will prosecute.


By the way, your plan worked his whateverness went bezerk killed everybody he could before the marines got him. death sentence I heard. Congrats now the company owns your ass. Good luck Lutenent

October 22, 2008


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Change of plans. We got an Imperial contract, 100 low berths You two lugheads did it preety like I asked, now unload it here.” Rusty passed Harold a slip around a mag key. “We are dead heading to a combat zone. Nothing floating except friendlies. dirtside we are taking the opposition offworld. Move it people we need to be outbound today. The money’s already in the bank, and we get maintenance for the priority.”
LaSabre’s command had moved to the river bank. Most of the locals were fishing for dinner some of hers had gone scouting for veggies to grill with the bounty being hauled in. The party atmosphere was not what she expected from some 300 people who were about to leave everything they ever knew behind. Maybe it was the tickets, long blue strips of flexible plastic sheet. “This entitles safe passage to the star system of your choice payable by Darkness Security LLC New Hespures, Halon IV”
James came up to her with a pod of fresh water, “You are a genius but it is going to cost you”
She sighed. “I guess ther was no luck finding any cryro pods.”
“I’m also going to geuss that our employers don’t have the creds to rise to high berth”
Nope, but there were a couple who don’t want to go until they have the cash to do so.
Then there were some who were planning on it being an hierloom, right of passage is a status elevator, you don’t belong to the ground you can take to the stars whenever you feel like it. From now on nothing under tech 7 ok? these tech three worlds are all green and stuff but I hate bows and arrows.

October 21, 2008


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This ship has it’s quirks but don’t let Rusty fool you she would kill all of us to keep this ship. Sandra said to the new crewmate. Been Travelling for long?

Well seems to me that I’ve always been drawn to the stars, little did I know that most of my life would become a week to acellerate, jump, a week to decellerate, turn around in less then a week and do the same thing.

These will be your quarters, You’ll be needed in astrogation tomorrow, until our first jump your cargo not crew. You can help if you want but If I were you I’d just stay out of the way.

When you say quirks, what do you mean?

Our ship is capable of a 3 jump but none of the other astrogators have been able to figure out how to get her to do it. some were Electrical Engineers and some were hardcore programmers, the last was a jump drive mechanic. He said, ‘the bitch doesn’t want to go that far, she’s lazy.’ That comment is what made the captian start looking for a new astrogator. If you can get her to jump three parsecs you will become the most valuable crew member if you can’t sooner or later Orwin will be back at plotting safe 1 jumps with the occasional 2. There’s other stuff too, like don’t use fresher 1 for number 2 and the port side docking linkages don’t open if she’s sitting on her belly. the vid screen all play the same channel so don’t try to mess with Charley’s programs and we’re overdue on an overhaul. Some of the systems are more than a decade past due, don’t worry they are all yours.

Great, let me guess the hand mods were too valuable to upgrade to generic junk.

Yep. our first couple of jumps will be a familiar trade route. The last one in the string is your chance to shine two for safe three for glory and it will be your call.

Shit. Rusty didn’t say anything about that.

Noo, hmm, he must be getting slyer in his aproach.

Can I get schematics and program dumps, now if I have monthe to do this I meed to get started.

Sandra smiled, “Not until tomorrow sweetheart, you’re cargo today.” She leaned on the door blocking the exit. “The lads will finish loading up, Captian will be looking for another stragler then we’ll be off. Crew meeting to discuss orders then you get to plot the course. Besides you get to clean this room up, it’s yours now.” and she locked the new girl into her room.

The xenophobe in Sandra was glad to shut the bitch in. Damn it Rusty you know I hate the muties worse than the non human. And this one, God the musk alone would knock you over. The damn thing thought she was her equal, I’m human your not so stop trying. Whoever thought up grafting the human genome on every species of mamal was an idiot. Clones were bad enough, but batch making hundreds of those things Gawd, it was so Island of Dr. Moreau. This one was a doggie kind, look like we will be eating meat for a good long while.

When she got to the cargo hold “Harold and Mike! Help the puppy and I’ll dock your pay!” She stomped away.
“and the goes double for you Finchie,” she muttered under her breath

-30 minutes

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