October 2, 2008

D&D update

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The forums are down and the people I game with don’t give a shit. So you guys get it.

D&D Insider goes subscription by the end of the month. I’m on board and I’ve told my wife a while ago that I wanted to do it but I think she may have forgot. I’ll have to check to see how much the subscription is.

I keep complaining about the whole web design for the wizards site and now they are hiring for a Web UI Designer. maybe they have finally heard enough complaints. I hope so.

Randy Buehler claims the rules elements will be added to the rules compendium in the next week, I hope so. I keep thinking that is the biggest hurdle to the useability of the Compendium. If I need my PHB at the table to look up the rules but my laptop to get the dragon article, I’m hating my manufacturer, in fact last week that’s exactly what happened. It’s how I felt too, I kept saying to my player, “Wait, I’ll get that for you in a moment.” while under my breath I kept muttering “Damn wizards.” everybody still had fun and that’s the important thing.


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