October 3, 2008

nablowrimo? Oh yeah it’s that time of year and I’m in track.

Posted in NaNoWriMo, writing at 16:02 0 by gillsmoke

OK, did you think I forgot about NaNoWriMo, well I haven’t. It’s October and the time for a warmup for NaNo, blog posts daily.
go here for http://nablowrimo.blogspot.com/ for the rules, and by the wal you all are too late.

So the substancative part of the post, I love tokentool from rptools.net I used it to make all if the tokens for tonights game. I had Norm cut out the rough shapes and I turned them into circles. I used open office’s Draw program to do the layout and in 10 minutes I had a sheet of professional looking tokens ready to play. T just need the scrapbooking 1″ circle punch to makethings go faster.

Now I need to make stamps of textures like the SkeletonKey Games Dungeons, Caves, and  Wilderness sets and map tool should be just as good. I’m thinking about turning up for the RPTool’s monthly meetup tomorrow but I don’t know if we’re going to be home, let me amend that to What time the scoccer game is.

Also mentioned this week the Q4 releases for Living Forgotten Realms, they are all for character levels 4 to 7. I hope they give the occasional low level adventure back instead of wrapping up the campaign in 18 months I definately see a potential for lots of continuing adventures at all three tiers of play I’d hate to see a level bump come into effect for those not in the know a level bump would be new characters start at a certian level instead of first). The other thing I’d hate to see would be repeated waves. All character advance 1 to 30 together because those the only adventures available. The campaign is just starting so we really don’t know how it’s all going to play out.

In other news, scattered frost tonight, sice I’ve been lazy I’ve already got a weeks worth of growth.


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