October 5, 2008

Writing thoughts

Posted in NaNoWriMo, Random, writing at 16:06 0 by gillsmoke

Waiting for the thoughts to comes, like messengers from other dimensions. waiting for inspiration, the kernel, that one cool thing to frame a story on. Perhaps I’m too much of a literalist. Or too tortured to transgress upon the proffered fruit of imagination. More likely I’m too lazy to work for it. Creative work can be earned as well as inspired. Lacking both I ramble waiting for my more glorious wife to carry the banner further.

Oh, but I’m also so very competetive. I’ll seethe at the thought that she can do what I cannot. No! It isn’t true, she claims to be the idea guy but when I ask for one or more ideas she’d rather hit me. No, I’m as smart as shee is. I get paid to think like she does. I’m as amusing as she is, just a little darker. Oh, please enter NaNoWriMo, Competeing wordcount will drive to new hieghts I’m sure. I may not finish but I’ll be close to you, plus or minus a 1000 words. Already the planned writing spurts are going.


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