October 6, 2008

TC writing prompt 06 oct 2008

Posted in NaNoWriMo, writing, writing prompts at 14:08 0 by gillsmoke

“The trick to it is remembering how to begin.”

The illusionist tricks all start the same way, reveal the apperatus to be exactly as it is. the handcuffs are sturdy, the straight jacket has no flaws. What you see is what you get. “just an ordinary deck of cards, lookie lookie, nothing up my sleeves.” but wizard magic, that is always harder. making something from nothing. But knowing where to begin is also a matter of following the directions, copy the recipie and up and you get the desired result, just follow the ritual. Now storytelling is like the other two, there’s a recipie, The Pledge, The turn and The Prestige. but The trick to it is remembering how to begin. These days people start in the middle, in years gone by the started at the beginning, soon they will start at the end. Till such times we are where we are. I reall wish we weren’t I wish it were up to others to tell my magic tale but it is left for me.

The trick to it is remembering how to begin. At the end? Lucky Jack gets the girl and the gold? she was going to kill him and he knew it, and she knew he knew it. that’s why they wee perfect for each other. Most of the gangsters were dead and there was going to be a power struggle before anybody remembered why they were in this mess. There’s something wrong with staring there. The denudement meant nothing. Who is she? what gold? and why would we care if gangsters died or not.

The trick to it is remembering how to begin. In the middle, what middle? Lucky Jack plans a hiest, that middle is boring. The The shootout? the sam problem as before, whatever, who cares.

The trick to it is remembering how to begin. I gues we better start at the beginnig, the pledge, make it all worth while. What’s to say, Lucky Jack was an illusionist. He learned all he could, knew the tricks for what they were, knew the point was the misdirect. He studied the darker arts and saw the point there too. Force of will and the stronger will imposed upon others, Whether that be a person, angel or devil, or in the wicca circles, aspects of olden gods. Though not boring the important thing was realizing you had budda nature din’t pay the rent. Money paid the rent. Lot’s of money paid all the bills. That is where Lucky Jack started his plan. The love of money is the root of all evil, Jack didn’t love money it was a tool and his toolset was small (that’s what she said). Jack was never one to get money for it’s own sake. Jack was one who waited for the good life to come knocking.
Jack wanted things easy, he didn’t care about the stains on his soul that he aquired to remain an idler. Robbery, extortion, theft of any kind really. regardless of the source he didn’t feel bad about being damned for all eternity any more. there was a time the mere mention of being damned stopped him cold. not any more. we all go sometime and this time around he was taking it easy.



  1. gretty said,


  2. crseum said,

    um….am i…supposed to be jack? (cringing in anticipation of answer)

  3. gillsmoke said,

    Gretty, thanks. Another 49462 words and I’ve got a novel.

    CRSE, No! Stop reading into everything I do. Did you plan to rob a bank? or study magic tricks? or practice ritual magic? neither did I.
    seriously I’d hope you didn’t think it was me.

  4. lucy said,

    Damn, Gill, you’ve figured out what we’re doing at all of those Social Action Committee meetings.

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