October 7, 2008

TC writing prompt 10-07-08 A birthday present — on no one’s birthday

Posted in life, Random, writing prompts at 16:21 0 by gillsmoke

“Jeez here we go again,” i thouight as I saw the door open and suger grammy Squealed “come here, I’ve miiisssed you soooo much.”
as we walked in I saw the remnants of the months bills in toddler’s reach. I scooped them up and put them out of reach so the kids wouldn’t get yelled at later. Already bitter I saw the cake, and started humming “If I’d of know you were coming.” That’s right get them all hopped up on sugar then send them home, I wonder why everybody calls you the sugar grammy. Papi wasn’t around so the next 5 minutes were crucial. Don’t piss her off and be extra plesant and the kids would be ok. We just won’t mention the uncomfortable business that would result if things start badly.
“Tell me all about your school.” Too soon to say if it is a favoritism thing showing through. Mike answers thoughaly, the ever dutiful child.
Before she could just skip over Cameron I offered, “Now tell grammy what you do when brother’s in school.” Was that a sharp look?
Cam stuttered his way through an answer, now with a sweeping guesture here comes the grandiosity, “Well look what grammy found, It seem like somebody left some presents for you.” The two small boxes were wrapped in reused wrapping paper. One was clearly Christmas paper White with snowflakes and the other was Happy birthday paper with  confetti and balloons on it, If it weren’t for the coffee stain on the one and the taped up rip on the other I’d almost believed she cared. It was like a sucker punch, I saw it coming but the kids didn’t.

There’s more to go but I’ll let it send like that. This prompt screams for the unjust justice that CRSE would give it



  1. lucy said,

    This the best description of a sugar grammy encounter. I could feel it. That woman is wretched.

  2. gillsmoke said,

    I was going for fiction. IRL the encounters aren’t that bad, well not usually, or rather not all the time.

  3. lucy said,

    Really, mine are that bad! She must like you better. I wondered with the kids had weird names. LOL. As long as it’s fiction, I think you should give her a hideous deformity. We could hold a family contest to see what it’ll be. Or Crse, M. Fabu and I could get rolling with the watermelon vodka and come up with one!

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